24 hours in The Bubble.

So, we went to St. Andrews on Friday. It was literally a flying visit – we left straight from work, arriving at about 8PM and getting back into Edinburgh at the same time the next day. I’ll be perfectly honest – 24 hours is about as much time in St. Andrews as I can handle. As a town, it holds a lot of good memories, but (and this is definitely a story for another blog post) I have just as many bad ones, and it’s not easy to just forget about them. Saying all that, this weekend was hysterical, decadent, and full of debauchery – just the way it should be. I had an amazing time.

The reason of our visit was a post-exam/leaving party and to have a catch up with a handful of old friends who are yet to graduate from St. Andrews. We based ourselves at Rainbow Towers, courtesy of the wonderful K and S – they had even cooked us some dinner. We have lovely friends. As is the “St. Andrews Gay” way, we got on the booze pretty much immediately, and things got silly rather quickly.

We all rocked up at the party, me and K had adopted the names Minty Python and The Anaconda (matching snake print clothes, yeah?), and in a fabulous state of drunken hilarity started a Judas bowl. I’ll leave the explanation of Judas to Carley – it probably deserves its own post at some point. I don’t really want to say too much about this party – I’ll let these pictures do the talking.

Morning after, we felt DEAD. Horrible, horrible hangover. I don’t know how I managed to open my eyes on Saturday. Anyway, Carley got up and dressed and went to meet a couple of friends for lunches. K and I went for a forage (to Greggs, for ALL THE FOOD). You know when you’re hungover and need to eat triple carbs? Yeah, that was us. Then we went for a walk near the beach for some fresh sea air and a nature detox. I don’t think it worked. We did laugh at a bloke who’s camera fell off his tripod, though, and I took some hipster pictures, as I always do.

Then, while I waited on Carley to come back, K and I curled up with a blanket, watched America’s Next Top Model and fell love with Tim Gunn all over again (you know, the bloke of Project Runway?) Plus the pint of tea and bacon crisp/houmous rolls, it was bloody glorious.

Anyway, my head it still totally banging. I’m off to go stream some more ProjRun.

Later. S x


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