Court Runner

Sometimes when I say “I’m a court runner” I pretend that I’m actually Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. I really like Harrison Ford. I don’t particuarly have anything to say in this post, but I’m going to talk about my job a little bit.

I work in a solicitors’ office, and part of my job is the court run. I don’t actually run anywhere, but sometimes I imagine that I’m escaping that temple at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark as I stomp through Parliament House in my important sounding shoes.

Simplifying it, I take case documents from my office to the Court of Session, have them lodged, have a blether with other court runners, and walk back to the office. The walk back can be pretty boring, if I am honest, and I like to take pictures

Today was good for these quick, rushed photographs that I like. The light was great, and I think the sort of hazy/blurry look really captures the whole “running back to the office” vibe I feel in the afternoons.

These next few are from my walk after work, when I usually double back on myself to meet Carley. We like to walk home together. Again, I was just playing with the light (admittedly in a totally different way) and the results were kind of freaky. But I quite like them.

I hope you found them interesting. Anyway. Off to go do some reading on contract law. Fun. Later. S x

(All of these were just taken on my Android phone, using the Vignette Demo app)


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