“Do you want fries with that?”

Late last night, Carley said to me “I’m going to take you for lunch tomorrow.” She was almost forceful in her statement, and I looked at her, probably cocked an eyebrow and replied with a bemused “Alright then.”

Carley then went on to explain that often there is too much asking when it comes to things like this — Do you want to do x? How would you feel if we went to y? and that she had decided: she wanted to take me for lunch, and we were going regardless of what I had to say about the matter.

Of course, I’m not going to pass up on lunch; more often than not Carley finds lots of fun/exciting/fancy places to go and eat, and it’s always an enjoyable experience. Today was no exception. Here’s my account of what we got up to.

I had no idea of where we going (Carley very rarely tells me – she likes surprises) but was told its “nothing fancy”. I did have a look out the window as I was getting dressed and saw frost on the grass: hats and scarves all round!

We walked into town, and I suggested we take the scenic route through Stockbridge. I’m so glad we did – turns out there is a wee market there every Sunday: something else to investigate one weekend!

I knew that we were vaguely going to Shandwick Place, but after a few minutes of Carley scanning around for our destination, I thought it best to just ask: we’ve been sort of lost before, and I am much better with directions! (And yes, we were on the wrong street) Not that it was much of a detour, but eventually ended up at Wannaburger. I’d never been before, but I had heard good things about their milkshakes. And I love burgers. Win.I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fried onions and a chocolate-peanut butter milkshake; Carley went for a cheeseburger – also with fried onions, and a strawberry milkshake. We split a side of fries, and had some homemade relish and BBQ sauce to (inevitably) spill everywhere.(That guy behind me: creepiest thing I’ve seen this year.)

(There he is again! Creeper …)

It really didn’t take us long to decimate our meal. I’m going to try and not verge on the edge of food porn here, but holy christ it was a good burger. I could tell it was decent quality meat, the buns were nice and toasted, and the salad was all fresh. The milkshake though! Whoever thought of the chocolate/peanut butter combo is a genius. Oh so good: it was thick and filling and cold. Yum! All in, it was a great experience. Carley and I were discussing how the format sort of bridges the line between pure fast food and sit-in café. The nifty little pagers they give you are cool too: they buzz when your order is up!

We ambled home via a couple of shops – we were going to get the bus but I stupidly got the stop wrong and looked like a right arse when the bus drove straight past us. Despite that, it was a lovely afternoon out, and I’ll definitely be going back there: I’m already keen to try their hot dogs and the Portobello mushroom burger!

S x

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