January 2012

This is the blog of two girls in Edinburgh, Carley and Stacey. We are an ‘on-again, off-again’ lesbian couple who have been together for two years. Having met during Carley’s final year at university, we decided (on a whim!) to move to Edinburgh in summer 2010; we’ve lived together ever since.

As you can read on our About Us page, Scotland isn’t really home for us both; Carley moved to St Andrews in 2006 for uni, and then stuck around after graduation. However, eighteen months later, Carley has begun to miss her family down south, and is contemplating moving closer to home. Stacey, on the other hand, can’t leave Edinburgh for the foreseeable future, as she’s now part-way through a law degree.

This has lead to a great deal of hand-wringing and heartache; the lease on our beautiful city-centre flat lasts until 31st July 2012, giving us approximately 6 months (or the seasons of Spring and Summer) to decide what to do. This aim of this blog is to document the next six months; whether Carley decides to head down south come August, or something else occurs in the meantime, these could be the last weeks we have in the city which has been our home.

The name of the blog (A Summer Full Of Peaches) came to Carley during the walk home from work one evening. Last summer, this tea-towel was shown in the window of a shop that we walk past almost daily; the words spoke to me (Carley) particularly.

For me, peaches represent summer wonderfully; they’re sweetly buttery, and the idea of biting a ripe peach, with juices running down your chin and the soft fuzz against your lips makes me crave the summer showers and warm days that we’re occasionally graced with here in Scotland’s capital. And yet, with summer comes the idea that I may be leaving – a bitter-sweet mouthful after all. I have decided that if it is the case that I will be leaving come August, I want to ensure that these last months have been the best ones; I want to make sure that I always remember 2012 as the year that had A Summer Full Of Peaches.


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