A Perfect Weekend

This weekend really was one of those times that you just want to pause time so that you can enjoy every moment as much as you can. Stace and I both knew it was going to be busy, as we had plans for Friday evening and Saturday – but we’ve managed to do everything that we planned to – and more.

So Friday night we had organised a dinner party for the girls from Stacey’s work. The lawyer girls are great fun and good friends to both of us, and it’s unusual on a Friday night for us not to nip into the pub down the road from their office for a gin – or five! After working in a busy kitchen environment whilst I was studying, I’m quite a good cook – and so we invited the girls round to ours for a bit of a different take of a Friday night. I made the five of us a Greek salad, with tomatoes, feta cheese and olives as a started (plus some lovely bubbles courtesy of K), which was followed by a large lasagne (and a veggie version too!) with home-made garlic bread. Then we had melting chocolate puddings with a raspberry and Chambord sauce – also home-made! The food was very well received, and between the bubbles and then G&T’s, a great night was had. Unfortunately, the good company and nice food meant that we both failed with pictures!

Saturday brought my friend C bringing round a starter of ‘Herman the German friendship cake’ – which I will be feeding and looking after for the next week or so before baking, and sharing with friends! The afternoon was filled with the England-Scotland rugby match taking place here in Edinburgh, which neither of us were interested in – and so we went shopping instead! Despite the cold and rain, Stace managed to find two pairs of new work trousers (thank God for Next), a new pair of work shoes, a selection of new underwear, a new cardigan and some other bits and pieces she needed. She also managed to get a pretty top to wear on our surprise Valentines Day weekend dinner next Friday night, after much trying on – sure there will be pictures next week.

I managed to buy a new pair of navy skinny jeans (so practical seeing as I can wear them to work as well as at weekends!), a snake-print tube skirt for going out in and a grey jumper that Stace and I have promised to share – there really are some benefits to being more or less the same size, even if we do have very different taste in clothes!

We also managed a few drinks in the local pub with K on Saturday night – a perfect opportunity to discuss the dinner party shenanigans and have a giggle with our favourite barman. We even got to stay ’til the bar closed! (Note: this was at about 12.30am, so it’s not really that  impressive!)

Then, on Sunday, we managed a nice cuddle in bed in the morning, before Stace took on the task of clearing up from the weekend, and I had a nice lay-in / catch up on all my favourite blogs. In the afternoon, we made the world’s most amazing fort, and had an indoor picnic date – but you’ll have to wait for the next post to see the pictures!


Stacey wrote in her last post that I’ve been nagging her to blog more (which I have!) but since I’ve been feeling guilty about my not-so-subtle suggestions. It’s not that she doesn’t want to blog (she and I both totally love this documentation we’ve started) but she really doesn’t have the same amount of free time as I do. In between her work, class, homework and the household chores that she’s much better at than me (uh, ironing and hoovering mainly, whilst I’m the kitchen goddess), she barely has time to update her own blog, let alone this one as well. So you may have to put up with more posts from me for a while, as Stace is going to be even more busy for the next few weeks – what with essays and Valentines Day surprise and her birthday coming up too… )


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  1. Lol Herman the german friendship cake….we had one of those!! A midwife I work with gave me one, and it had already been passed on to many of the midwives at work. It was quite a cute baby cakey really, and the idea is sweet! The cake itself tastes a bit weird though doesn’t it?! Xx

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