A Valentine’s Day Surprise

I would just like to start by saying that my girlfriend is amazing. No, seriously, I mean it. Carley is ridiculous and wonderful and never fails to make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world; this past weekend was certainly no exception. Once again, Carley pulled out all the stops, and I was spoiled rotten.

On Friday, we spent a night in Edinburgh’s most opulent luxury hotel, Prestonfield House. This is my account of our 24 hours in five star heaven.

A couple of weeks ago, in one of our daily email conversations, Carley asked me if I’d be able to get either Friday 10th or Monday 13th off work. She wouldn’t tell me why, and to be honest, I was quite excited about a surprise. I was granted the Friday off, and spent the next fortnight fighting the urge to convince Carley to spill the beans.

Skipping forward to last Thursday evening, I came in late after a long day of work and class, and somehow managed to get my clothes ready without falling asleep. I was looking forward to not having to get up early – Carley had already told me Friday could be quite lazy and that we didn’t need to rush off anywhere. We had a lovely, chilled-out morning: bacon rolls and cups of tea for breakfast before packing up the last of our things.

We headed into town (on the bus – always fun) at around lunchtime: Carley had some things to return to Primark and I was keen to get to the T-Mobile shop. My phone contract was due for renewal, and after a bit of deliberation and some haggling, got a decent deal on the Galaxy S II. Yay for techno-geekery. Anyway …

Afterwards, Carley treated us to a coffee and some cake in Costa before we left the town centre. By this time, she’d revealed our destination, and while I knew it was going to be fancy, I still had no idea what to expect.

We took a short taxi ride down to Prestonfield House, and it didn’t take long for them to turn on the charm. Before we’d even finished paying the taxi driver, a smartly kilted member of the concierge had opened the door and offered to take our bag. He politely escorted us in, enquiring as to our reservation name so that he could take our bag to our room while we checked in. As we were escorted down stairs, I got more of a feel for the place, and it really is just decadent. The décor might not be to everyone’s tastes, with the rich red patterned walls and fabrics, but it definitely reinforces the grandeur and luxury.

I’m really struggling to describe how amazing this place looked, without sounding clichéd. Our room was so grand – from the roll-top bath (I love baths with feet!) to the sexy red throw on the bed, to the flattering up lights and the dark wood furniture.  I really don’t think I can do it justice!

It was great just to spend some time with Carley and ponce about in a posh hotel. There was a bottle of champagne and some petit-fours in our room on arrival, and we guzzled them both whilst making the most of the huge bath. It was soon time to think about getting ready for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Rhubarb. I’ll not say much about that (Carley’s writing a post specifically about the food), however, while I’m definitely not what you’d call a “foodie”, it was definitely one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

We wound up the evening by relaxing in the drawing room over a coffee and, in my case, a gin – comfy lounge chairs, a roaring fire and soft lighting; it was a wonder I didn’t fall asleep! We had a quick cigarette on the balcony before going to bed. It was standing out there, the sound of a peacock echoing into the night, that I realised how lucky I really am. I’ve got a girl who loves me, who wants to make me happy, and who organises wonderful things like this.

I feel a bit bad sometimes – I haven’t taken Carley anywhere other than Forfar, and that’s hardly worth getting excited about. I do wish I could just whisk her away, but with university fees to pay, I don’t have a lot of spare cash, despite the full time job(!) I guess I’ll just have to make sure Carley sticks around until I’m a qualified solicitor and making loads of money – then I can take her away on countless romantic weekends. I can’t wait.

Anyway, before I start getting too sappy …

We’d already arranged to have late check-out – they had Sky Sports and we quite fancied watching the Manchester United/Liverpool game in the early kick-off – so didn’t have to rush off. In fact, we just had to make sure we were up by 10am so we’d be in time to order a breakfast in bed. And of course, there was no way I was missing out on a full Scottish fry-up!

They really are obsessed with the little details at Prestonfield – as we organised our check-out, another lovely man in a kilt came for our bag again, and a taxi was all ready to take us back into town.

It honestly was a perfect night away, and it was a wonderful way to spend (sort of) Valentine’s Day. It was just the two of us – nothing to worry about, nothing to think about or focus on except each other. Now this is going to sound clichéd, but it was one of those weekends where you remember all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place, and then fall a little bit more.

 Later. S x


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  2. Aww this is adorable! The pic of you girls at the bottom is so so lovely!!

    Oh and Carley, good luck on your job interview tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll get the job – can’t argue with navy, right?? Whereabouts is it? We work in Victoria!

    Laura xo

    1. Carley says: Reply

      Thank you so much Sarah – it was a totally decadent and lovely weekend spent with my girl :)

      The job interview is at Canary Wharf – I’m staying down south with my mum at the moment, preparing – and then back up to Edinburgh tomorrow! I do love London, but the idea of moving down here without Stace is kinda scary.

      I’m sure I’ll write all about the interview and my day in London at some point soon!

      Carley xx

  3. Kiki and Lala says: Reply

    Wow…it is sounds And looks totally amazing…such lovely photos too xo

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