Building a Fort

Stace and I have been making more of an effort recently to do things at the weekends. We’re quite used to sitting in our pretty little living room with laptops and endless cups of tea and suddenly, it’s Sunday evening and we feel like the whole time off work has just disappeared. So even if we’re staying in the house, we’ve made plans to do something fun and silly and together. That’s why, last weekend, we decided to build a fort.

Stacey’s first attempt at fort building was okay, but it was more of a one-room studio fort, as opposed to something we could both inhabit. So, we grabbed duvets off beds, blankets from the sofa, and lamps from all the rooms, and built a proper, two person, could-sleep-in-here-quite-cosily fort. It was amazing.

Then, as Stace is the architectural genius of fort building, I decided to make it slightly more homely. We made a nest of duvets, adding lamps to give a soft pink light and I created an in door picnic. Home-popped popcorn, hummus and carrot and celery batons, soldiers of toast with dip, olives, crisps and home-made chocolate brownies. And, I made us some cocktails too – Disaronno and cherry coke (a favourite of ours – it tastes like a liquid cherry bakewell!) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was like a grown-up, sexy coke float.

We then watched an episode of Project Runway (we’ve been addicted since we first saw a random episode back in 2009…) and cuddled in our little secret hideaway, eating all of our picnic (seriously, we ate EVERYTHING! ) and took far too many pictures in the poor light on Stacey’s poor phone. It was a perfect way to spend a cold and grey afternoon.

I love this girl more than anything else. All the world and everything babe.


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  1. Looks very cute xx

  2. That is so blinking cute!! My favourite thing in the whole world is feeling like we’ve escaped into a bubble, just me and her, and this is a perfect way to create that! Love it! Xx

  3. Carley says: Reply

    Thanks for the comments guys – the fort really was amazing (so much so that it’s still the current centrepiece of out living room!) and it was such a sweet way to curl up together and not worry about anything else going on. I was a bit of a shock to come out and realise it was completely dark outside though!


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