The only way is definitely not Essex.

One of the things I often find myself telling people is that yes, I was born and I grew up in Essex. This gives me a pretty good standing to say that I am an ‘Essex girl’ – but I hugely disagree with the stereotype this this term propagates. Yes I was born and raised in Essex – but I’m not interested in fake tan, massively inflated  boobs or hair, fake eyelashes or a va-jazzle. In fact, if you saw it on The Only Way Is Essex, it probably doesn’t really happen in Essex.

Anyway – whether I agree with the fake lifestyles portrayed by that stupid TV program or not, the fact of the matter is that I am from Essex, and my family remain down there. This means that around every six weeks or so, I get a little homesick and fed up of Edinburgh, and usually make my way down south for some downtime with my family. It usually goes like this: go to the airport after work on Friday, fly home – spend Friday night drinking wine and catching up with my mum and the stepfather, sleep in on Saturday, then go to see father and his wife, come back Saturday evening to more drinking with the mother and brother, sleep in Sunday, eat a massive roast dinner, drink some wine, then fly back on Monday or Tuesday.

Now, there are many benefits of going home for a weekend (including free food, free heating, free booze and cuddles from my mum) but I can’t deny that EVERY time I go home, I end up bringing something back with me. Sometimes it’s an outfit my mum bought for herself but decided against at the last minute. Sometimes it’s shoes I’ve stolen from my mum’s wardrobe. And sometimes it’s some nice new clothes from my favourite stores down south… This time round, I did quite well – take a look at my swag from this trip to Essex – and some other odd photos from my weekend!

As nice as it is to go down south, see the family and do some shopping – it’s so nice to be back up here with Stacey!



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  1. Kiki says: Reply

    Awww bless – sounds like you are so close to your family – that is sweet – but I can imagine how you miss Stacey whilst you are away xx

    1. Carley says: Reply

      It’s one of the hardest things; when I’m in Edinburgh I miss being able to just ‘pop round’ to see my mum, but if I’m down south Stacey misses me and I miss her. It’s even worse now she’s at law school as it means she can’t come with me because she has class and homework to do! I have no idea what will happen if I’m offered my dream job in London – I guess we’d have to give long distance a go! :( xx

      1. Kiki and Lala says: Reply

        Awwww it will be hard…. But you love one another and so it will work til you cam be together in the same city again I am sure xx

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