Darling Diana

As well as Stacey, I have one big love in my life – it’s our baby, our co-owned lomography camera, our Diana F+ CMYK Camera. If you look through some of the pictures on this blog so far, you might see that some of them include the tag ‘Diana’ – those are the ones taken on the Diana.

The Diana F+ CMYK camera - lomography with all the kit

For those of you who haven’t heard of lomography, it’s a company which sells a range of lo-fi cameras – ‘toy cameras’, usually analogue rather than digital, often made of plastic which produce pictures with leaky or distorted results. As the cameras are usually made of plastic, with a winding mechanism to turn the film, the pictures often have odd light effects and are totally different to the perfect digital pictures we often take.

Stacey and the Scott Monument, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Stacey and Terry / double exposed with girls - Edinburgh

Carley, Mairi and Brogan, Edinburgh 2010

The other thing about any analogue camera is that between the time you shoot the images and get the film developed, you have no idea what the pictures look like. Analogue has no certainty – sometimes the pictures are overexposed, sometimes the images don’t show up at all. Sometimes you forget about what you’d shot, and have a pleasant surprise when you get the prints back – other times shots that you’d painstakingly composed don’t even appear. It’s a completely different experience to taking pictures with a digital camera or phone.

Leaky image of the pond at the Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh lomography

Stace and I bought our Diana with some money given to us when we let a friend stay with us for a while. The money belonged to both of us, so it made sense that we bought something which was owned and used by us both too. We’ve had the camera for over a year now, and used four rolls of film (although one was almost entirely overexposed) – some of which are our favourite pictures – especially the portraits.

Stacey and Terry in the Princes Street Garden, Edinburgh - lomography

Carley in the Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh - extra vivid, Lomography

Carley in the Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh - lomography

Stace and I love our Diana – despite the fact that it’s unreliable, and expensive (the cost of film plus developing and then paying extra to have it converted into digital format…) and a pain to carry around and keep it safe, it’s such a loved item for us both – because these pictures are unlike anything that anyone else has – they’re so personal, so unique; I think that’s why we love them so much.

If you’re interested in your own ‘toy camera’ or a lo-fi photography, I would really recommend taking a look at the Lomography website and community.


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  1. Never heard of lomography, but you made it sound so cool! Great post and thanks for sharing!

  2. Carley says: Reply

    Aww thanks – lo-fi cameras are difficult and expensive but SO rewarding! Some of the pictures from Budapest are Diana pictures, and the pictures on our ‘About’ page are all from her too. It’s a great way of taking portraits as they’re much more quirky than just a digital camera – I def recommend!

    If you liked these pictures, wait til you guys see a post later this week of me being soaked with water – long story, but the pictures are amazing!

    Carley xx

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