Spring Fling

These first few days of Spring, full of daffodils and waking up to birdsong and sorting and cleaning have really made me realise just how draining I found the winter. Bring on the warmer weather, summer planning, baby animals and pretty clothes! Here are some of the things I have recently bought or are currently coveting!

Pastel flats from ASOS – I walk to and from work daily, and these flats are the perfect mix of practical and cute.
Baby yellow skinny jeans from Primark – perfect for these sunny days!
This super sweet outfit for a wedding I’ve been invited to (in Milan!!) in June.

Oragami bird necklace from Little Black Dress

Kate Middleton yellow dress in Canada Jenny Packman
This adorable yellow Jenny Packman dress in crepe silk that Kate Middleton wore in Canada earlier this year. May try to find a similar dress pattern and make myself one!
Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer
This new concealer which I swear has made up for a sleepless night!
This cover of this book, a favourite of mine and part of a new set of covers for Winterson’s books.
This place in St Andrews, where I had dinner with an old friend last night.

And finally, this poem by Sarah Kay which I listen to on repeat and which gives me hope for the future.

What is making all of you happy at the moment?

Carley xx


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  1. Kiki and Lala says: Reply

    The fashion colours for Srping are gorgeous.
    I used to read loads of Jeanette Winterson when I was first coming out :)) xx

  2. Carley says: Reply

    I’ve done so much shopping already this season because of all the pretty colours and the nice weather! I like Jeanette Winterson’s books but far prefer Ali Smith – such a good queer friendly author and she’s Scottish too!
    Carley xx

  3. Love the spring fashion! Love Kate Middleton’s style as well!

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