St Andrews Traditions: Part 1 Post Exams Soaking

Carley St Andrews Traditons


St Andrews has a number of traditions – from Raisin Weekend, which culminates in a massive shaving foam fight (no, really) – to the May Dip – where students wait for the sun to rise over the cliffs on the 1st May, before running into the North Sea on mass. I’ve participated in a number of these traditions (some were more pleasurable than others) – and this is the first in a series of posts about how crazy the little town of St Andrews can really be.

The soaking is a tradition reserved for final year students – after your final ever undergraduate exam, your friends and academic family gather around, waiting to shower you with water, coloured fizz and glitter. It stems from when friends would meet each other after a final exam and shower each other with champagne – but as it’s now illegal to have open bottles of alcohol on the streets of St Andrews, water is now the default choice.

Here, you can see the photos (taken by a friend) of me, walking out of my last exam into the Scottish sunshine, only to be soaked by my friends – it was one of the most amazing experiences of my university career – being surrounded by people I loved, doing something fun and ridiculously St Andrews.

Still dry at this point!

Carley getting soaked after her last exam at St Andrews

While it may look a bit like torture, my soaking is one of my favourite memories from the end of my fourth year at uni – my friends all coming together to recognise all my hard work – tell you what though, the walk home was cold!!

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  1. Kiki and Lala says: Reply

    Hahahaha looks like so much fun….
    Wish I had gone to St Andrews instead of Durham xx

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  3. Sue says: Reply

    Certainly wasn’t a tradition when I finished my finals in 1974 we just got drunk!

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