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As the days get longer and warmer, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the fact that I have big decision to make in the next few months. I undoubtedly love the summer, but I’m still kind of hoping that July doesn’t happen this year. I still haven’t worked out whether or not I’ll be in Edinburgh come August, and that is petrifyingly scary. In an attempt to make the next few months less ‘all-or-nothing’, I’ve been trying to plan a summer holiday for Stacey and I; and that is where I turn to Mr and Mrs Smith.

Mr and Mrs Smith are a boutique hotel website – basically, they sell rooms in some of the world’s most beautiful and exclusive boutique hotels. They vet all of the hotels they show on their site, and write personal reviews about what it’s really like to stay at each place. The hotels are almost always stunning, well located, luxury places, and going onto the website makes me wish I had enough money to jet around the world staying at each one.

(I have a confession to make; Mr and Mrs Smith are my social media crush – the brand that can’t do any wrong in my eyes, the one I want all my clients at work to be like. The Mr and Mrs Smith website is intoxicating in how good it is – browsing the reviews and pictures easily eats up my lunch hour, and their blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ profiles are all up to date, optimised and interesting. I even bought my mother hotel vouchers for her birthday last year! I think that they do an amazing job, and quite frankly would fall over myself to work for them…)

When we went to Prestonfield House for Valentine’s Day, the thing which tipped me over the edge when debating booking it was the recommendation from Mr and Mrs Smith; if they approve a place to stay, you know it’s GOT to be good. So when it comes to booking a luxury holiday for two, of course it’s the Mr and Mrs Smith site where I begin my search. But where to go?

Despite the problems in Greece at the moment, I really love the Greek islands – everything from the food to the stunning scenery. I’ve never been to Santorini, but the images of the Grace Santorini hotel make me want to drop my packed lunch and run off there, right now. Or, the Cavo Tagoo Hotel on Mykonos – it’s just so beautiful, and the reviews make me desperate to head off to the airport, now.

Obviously, the cost of staying at luxury boutique hotels for any length of time is remarkably higher than my monthly wage will easily afford – which is why I’m currently saving all of my money (including my freelance wages) for a summer holiday. I’ve taken a look at the holidays offered by the usual UK travel agents, and some of them look okay, but if you’re spending over a grand on a holiday, I’d want something pretty special, and I don’t think you get that with the bog-standard package holidays. The hotels suggested by Mr and Mrs Smith, on the other hand are the epitome of luxury, elegance and generally being spoilt – which is right up my street!

My only worry with booking a hotel with Mr and Mrs Smith relates back to sexuality. I wish I didn’t have to worry about this, but will all of these wonderful luxury hotels be okay with a young lesbian couple booking into one of their rooms? If I am going to book a frighteningly expensive hotel for a week, I want to make sure that I’m not going to be miserable because of homophobia or discrimination. I just want a week in the sun at a boutique European hotel with my girlfriend – but I’m worried that it’d be ruined by other people’s perceptions of us.

I’m still saving as much money as possible, and the lure of a luxury hotel stay is so strong – but a part of me feels that I’d be better off in an anonymous villa somewhere in a packed tourist location like Alicante. Anyone have any advice?!

Carley xx



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  1. Kiki and Lala says: Reply

    Mykonos…. Is very very very Gay…. We have been there twice… :)))) you would be fine there xx

  2. LL says: Reply

    My girlfriend and I have never encountered issues with sexual orientation so far (and we travel a fair bit in Asia where we are based). My take is that if we’re going to be spending xxx amount of money staying in a luxury/boutique hotel, then we certainly don’t expect their staff to treat us like pariahs.

    In any event, I would also recommend Mykonos. It used to be THE gay holiday destination in the 90s.

  3. Carley says: Reply

    Thanks for your comments guys; it really bugs me that wondering how people will perceive me comes into my thoughts about booking a holiday but the first time I went on holiday alone (with my straight best friend) we got quite a lot of abuse – and I’s rather avoid that this time! That being said, sounds like we wouldn’t have too many problems in Mykonos -just got to save some more and eventually book it now!
    Carley x

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