Changing Seasons

Talking about the weather is so boring, but even I am surprised about how hot it was the other week! I’ve decided that if it’s ever that sunny and the temperature is in the 20s, then it should be an automatic day off in Scotland, given we always have a poor summer.

Anyway, I was looking through some of the photos on my computer, and came across this one:

Princes Street Gardens, January 2012I took that towards the end of January – it feels like it was years ago(!) – but seeing it reminded me that I recently took a very similar photo when it was roasting last week:

Into Princes Street Gardens, March 2012I just found it funny that there’s only a couple of months between these pictures. (And I’m obviously lacking creativity if I am taking the same pictures over and over again!) Both of these were taken on my walk from court back to the office: it’s from a gate into the gardens at the Market Street end of Waverly Bridge.

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city, though I should really start exploring more, because when I think about it I’ve experienced hardly anything. I might start doing that once I’ve finished uni for the year: taking trips with Carley at the weekends, seeing where I end up and taking loads of pictures. Watch this space!

Also, Instagram has just come to Android, so if “hipster pictures” are your thing, do feel free to follow me! Search for schutcheon from your app.

Later. S xx

PS. Since setting this to schedule, we’ve had SNOW, HAIL AND LOADS OF RAIN. What on Earth is going on with the weather these days?!


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  1. Sarah says: Reply

    Glad to see Edinburgh got at least some sun for a bit this year :), not to say that London has been much better! I am also guilty of taking the same photo twice – I like to pretend it was entirely deliberate when I know I have the memory of a goldfish :)
    We have just found and added you on instragram – we are all knew to it as we are both android users too! S xo

  2. Edinburgh does seem lovely. Cor and I will need to plan a visit there. Also, adding you on instagram! Xo

  3. Stacey says: Reply

    Cheers to you both for adding me – I’m sure I’ve followed back? :)

    Edinburgh is great, though as I write this, I’m hoping I don’t have to go out of the office today, as it’s raining quite heavily (there’s a shock!)

    Steph: You should definitely try and visit here if you’re ever heading in this direction. There is are so many amazing things going on here, no matter what time of year it is. :D


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