People always ask me what I ‘do’.

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to write a post about what I do. Stace has written a number of posts about her job (court runner) and her experiences at Law School. I’ve always said that you need a stiff drink and a good few hours in order to understand what I do – so grab a G&T and get comfortable. (I swear it is actually quite interesting!)

I work in an internet marketing agency. To most people, that probably doesn’t mean much – in fact, I probably wouldn’t have had a clue if you asked me what an ‘internet marketing agency’ did two years ago! In short, we help clients to run marketing campaigns on the internet (duh). This means we do different things for different clients – some may need email marketing, others may want help with social media campaigns – but the bulk of our work is in search.

SEO and PPC are two acronyms most internet users have never heard (or used!) but they impact on how we all use the web. PPC stands for ‘pay per click’ and refers to adverts which occur on websites and search engines where the seller pays a set price every time an internet user clicks on their advert (which will take the user to their website). PPC is big business and big money – if you search on Google, PPC ads are the ones which appear in the box at the top of the page, and down the right hand side. If you want to appear at the very top of the list (and get most people to click on your ad) you have to be prepared to pay for it – some search terms can cost HUNDREDS of pounds per click. It’s crazy.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and aims to make websites rank higher within the organic listings of a search engine. Think of it this way – if the ads at the top and side of a Google page are PPC, (paid for) then the listings which run down the page UNDER the PPC top ads are organic or natural listings. They’re also FREE, so obviously, ranking well for terms can mean you spend less on PPC. You’re not allowed to manipulate the search engines, but there are things you can do on all websites to help your site rank higher – things like page titles and meta descriptions, image tags, links and so much more! SEO is also big business, as having a good website (for many people) means they earn lots of money online.

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Within my office, I do a bit of everything. I’m trained at setting up and managing PPC ad campaigns, which is actually quite complex and stressful for some clients. I spend a lot of time working on SEO solutions for my clients (most of which are in the travel sector and give me holiday envy ALL THE TIME!), but my main focus is on social media. I plan, implement and run Facebook and Twitter campaigns, create content plans for blogs and news sites, I mess around with the back end of WordPress and Blogger and even get to get involved in organising the odd event. It’s a cool job, but a lot of hard work – sadly not just sitting on Facebook all day long!

Having said that, I did also want to include a few links at the bottom of this post – to the social media accounts that Stace and I both use! Neither of us are really fans of Facebook (Stace declares she’s going to delete hers on a semi-regular basis, but hasn’t yet…) but you can find Stacey on Twitter at @schutcheon  and I have two Twitter accounts! @thisgirl32 is my personal account – where I rant about X Factor and tweet pictures of my dinner and @carleyhollis is where I talk about social media and ‘work stuff’.

Stace and I both have seperate blogs too – Stacey blogs about law and politics at Amicus Curiae, and I blog about social media and advertising over on Tumblr. I must say, however, that you’ll probably only appreciate these if you’re interested in law/social media!

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We’re also both on Instagram (LOVE) – Stacey is schutcheon and I’m thisgirl32. (We’re imaginative, right?!). I’m also on Pinterest and I think it’s great – you can find my profile here. We’re also on Google+ (thanks mostly to my job) – Carley and Stacey.

We’re more than happy for anyone to connect with us on any of the above – and I’ll happily give advice on WordPress and  social media if anyone wants! And if you have any more questions about my job, I’ll try and answer if I can!


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