A Night at the Museum


So, last Friday night was “date night”, if you like, and Carley had planned (ages ago) for us to attend the 3rd RBS Museum Lates. RBSML are events in the National Museum of Scotland; after-hours parties in the galleries, with live music, fun activities and nae children running around(!) This evening’s theme was “A Night In Wonderland”, and stepping into the museum really was like falling down the rabbit hole!

There was so much stuff going on, it was probably impossible to fit it all in, I think, but here’s a quick overview of some of the activities: silent disco, LED body-mapping, craft beer sipping and an opportunity to raid the Mad Hatter’s wardrobe. Carley and I, however, decided to plan our night round an Instagram Scavenger Hunt organised by the guys at Clicket. The concept was simple – sign-up by giving your Instagram user-name, take a picture for each category, and upload them with the right hash-tags. We figured it’d be a bit of fun, and we’d get a chance to see a bit of everything. Here’s my efforts from the evening:

Making Crowns @ RBS Museum Lates

Giant Art Mural @ RBS Museum Lates

Handling wierd objects @ RBS Museum Lates

The Walrus (without The Carpenter) @ RBS Museum Lates

My Idea of Wonderland @ RBS Museum Lates

And here are Carley’s Scavenger pictures:

Making Crowns

Contributing to the Art Mural

Handling WW2 Prosthetics!

The Girl Who Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

One night is never enough

It was a good giggle as we scampered about the Museum, though the fact there is a prize to be won made me all the more pedantic – I’m a bit of a perfectionist with my photos at the best of times(!) I also get quite over-enthusiastic about nature and natural history, and museums generally – I’m sure Carley found my childlike-wonder hilarious and endearing as we explored.

Another highlight of the evening (for me at least) was seeing Django Django play. They are an Edinburgh band, best described as peddling their own brand of psychedelic atmos-folk. I’ll not turn this into one of music-review-posts, but they were cracking, and the Grand Gallery was such a fitting venue.

Django Django @ RBS Museum LatesIt was such a good evening, despite the fact that it had been pouring that day and we started the night slightly cold and damp. It’s something a bit different, to be honest, and I quite like that. I’d always rather do something quirky in a museum than go to the same generic clubs on a Friday. Not that I go clubbing or anything, but you know what I mean!

I was supposed to have gone to the first RBSML with our friend T, who works in the Museum, but couldn’t go as I was ill – it was great to finally get a chance to go. It was a really unusual mix of people – everyone from students and young professionals to slightly older folk and the young at heart, but the who atmosphere of the evening didn’t feel disjointed in the slightest despite the mixed demographic. It’s an evening I would definitely recommend.

The Grand Gallery @ RBS Museum Lates

Of course though, the best bit for me was doing something fun and different with my favourite person ever. :)

Later. S x

EDIT: Here’s the link to my Flickr album


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