For the love of Food – Illegal Jacks, Edinburgh

Friday night was date night for Stacey and I – another little planned night out to spend together and get out of the house. I’d bought us tickets to the National Museum of Scotland’s Night in Wonderland (more on that in another post!) but beforehand, Stace and I decided to head for a Tex-Mex dinner at Illegal Jacks!

Much like Wannaburger, a  burgers-but-better place that we both also love, Illegal Jacks is an independently owned, Edinburgh only restaurant which offers both a sit down service and take away. The menu is primarily made up of three dishes – burritos, tacos and quesadillas – each of which can be filled with chicken, pork, steak or vegetables – along with beans, salsa and cheese! (If eating in, there’s also the option of choosing fajitas – and the menu does also include a few salads as well as nachos and chilli – but who wouldn’t go for one of those burritos or Quesadillas?!)

I tweeted out on Friday afternoon that we were thinking of heading down to Illegal Jacks on route to our night out, asking for recommendations. The very nice people at Jacks replied to my tweet, telling me that if I let them know what time we’d arrive, they’d reserve a booth for us! It was great customer service and very VIP-esque to walk in and find seats reserved for ‘@schutcheon’ and ‘@thisgirl32’!

reservation for @thisgirl32 and @schutcheon at Illegal Jacks, Edinburgh

For once, I even allowed Stace and I to order the exact same thing! (Does anyone else insist they order different meals when out, just to ensure that they get a range of things to try?!) Once you’ve looked over the menu, you choose your meal – for us quesadillas, your filling – chicken, type of beans – pinto, and then your salsa – medium and order it at the meal bar. They make your dinner in front of you, with tortillas liberally spread with cheese, then filling and beans – and you can choose drinks too. Whilst I was only feeling lemonade, Stacey noticed they had Brewdog beers – another big love of ours – so she had a 5am Saint.

The interior of Illegal Jacks, Edinburgh

Interior of Illegal Jacks

Once we’d ordered and paid, it was just a short wait for our quesadillas, which came with salsa and sour cream. They were so good – hot and filling and cheesy – and I nearly burnt my mouth trying to eat mine before it was cool! Impressively, one quesadilla managed to completely fill me up, as I’d been so hungry when we arrived – so didn’t manage to try any chocolate cake or ice cream for dessert. Did manage a few damp photos in our little booth though!

Quesadillas from Illegal Jacks, Edinburgh

Sides at Illegal Jacks, Edinburgh

Quesadilla at Illegal Jacks, Edinburgh

If you are ever in Edinburgh, we definately recommend Illegal Jacks. Two mains and two drinks (one beer) cost just under £20, and were filling enough not to need any sides! You can see the full Illegal Jacks menu and more information on the Illegal Jacks website.

We didn’t receive any incentive from Illegal Jacks for writing this blog post – we truly do love their food!

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