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I am a self confessed foodie. Most of the time, I get three distinct pleasures from food; the first in the choosing and buying of it, the second in the preparation and cooking and the third in the eating. I genuinely love being in front of an oven more than anywhere else! And whilst shopping and cooking are both always enjoyable, I do enjoy an evening where someone else has made my dinner – especially if it’s at a nice local Edinburgh restaurant. I would not hesitate to recommend Treacle, on Broughton Road, Edinburgh as a wonderful, (more or less) healthy gay friendly place to eat in the city!

Last week I had a client work meeting in Preston. After a productive meeting, and a cold beverage in a sunny beer garden afterwards, my colleagues and I grabbed a couple of bottles of wine in the train station to drink on the way back home. Now, I’m not sure whether it was the relief of a good meeting or the two bottles of wine, but by the time we pulled into Edinburgh, we were all very relaxed, and very hungry! A quick decision was made to grab some food on route to each of our homes – and Treacle, on Broughton Road, fell pleasingly central for all three of us.

Outside view of Treacle Bar and Kitchen, Broughton Street, Edinburgh
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I’d never been to Treacle before, despite it being in the middle of Edinburgh’s Pink Triangle / Gay Village and walking past it on numerous occasions. It’s described as a bar / restaurant with a focus on local and seasonal food, and incredibly good cocktails. I’ve got to admit, I walked in and my jaw dropped. From the outside, where there’s a few seats on a busy road this place looks like a fairly standard (if slightly more hip than its neighbours) bar. Walk in, and you’ll immediately notice the large modern bar, quirky Japanese style cartoons and the very gay clientèle. We arrived quite late (around 8.15pm on a Wednesday night) and I swear my gaydar was ringing for the duration of the time I was there; I guess the relaxed atmosphere, good food and proximity to the nearby gay bars makes it a favourite haunt for the LGBT community.

Between the three of us, we shared two starters; deep fried broccoli tempura with a sweet chilli dip, and sweet potato chips with sour cream. The sweet potato chips were good – slightly charred around the edges, giving a little crispiness to them – but the broccoli tempura, with a light crispy shell were wonderful. It felt so wonderfully naughty to be eating deep fried veg!

We then each had a different main, ranging from a large chicken and mango salad, with a light ranch style dressing, through to a vegetarian bean burger and a chicken pad thai noodle dish. All three meals were good, and the pad thai were even served in a box – perfect to take the remnants home in later! The food menu is a twist on the traditional bar snack, with burgers and pies made from seasonal produce, sweet potato and parsnip chips and open sandwiches, and mains all cost around £10, which isn’t bad for the portion size! Presentation is good – chips were served in metal baskets, and we were also offered dips to go with our meals.

The inside of Treacle Bar and Kitchen, Edinburgh
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Whilst the food was good (I wish I’d had room to try the deep fried jam sandwich, their signature dessert) you shouldn’t go to Treacle and not try their cocktails. A list which covered an entire wall tempted me, and I eventually choose a cocktail that had a name something like ‘Applejack’ and included pineapple juice, lemongrass syrup and some strong booze all over lots of crushed ice, along with a red wine floater. It was amazing!

After a nice meal and a very long day,  eventually stumbled home to find Stacey putting away our massive Tesco shopping delivery on her own, which she was not impressed about! However, I’ve promised to take her to Treacle one weekend soon – hopefully that will make up for the game of ‘freezer tetris’ she had to play that night!

I have received no incentive of any kind to write this post, and I do wholeheartedly recommend Treacle as a good place to head for drinks and dinner. Treacle Bar and Kitchen, 39 – 41 Broughton Street, Edinburgh. (P.s. they also have some very attractive and incredibly friendly staff!!)

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