The Jubilee Weekend: Glasgow

Stacey and I in a gay bar in Glasgow

Over the bank holiday weekend, Stacey and I made plans to head through to Glasgow, to see two of our friends. We’re really lucky in that we know quite a few other girl-girl couples, and KC and B are probably the guys we see most. They live in a lovely flat in Glasgow, whilst B completes her degree in photography, and KC trains as a junior doctor.

I met KC whilst we were both studying at St Andrews – she was studying medicine and left in my third year to head down to Preston to complete her practical studies. We didn’t become close until her final year, when we crashed into the same friendship group and spent a huge amount of time together. After a few nights out in St Andrews and Dundee, we realised that we actually got on really well, and when she had to move out of her accommodation at the end of the year, she moved into my flat, along with the two other girls we spent all of our time with. I then managed to persuade my boss to give her a job, and we all had a hectic, crazy and yet entertaining summer. For the week before I turned 21, I even stayed with KC and her family in their lovely house in the little coastal village of St Monans.

KC and I; a night out in Glasgow

Once she moved down to Preston, we had some brilliant and crazy nights out in Preston and Manchester – gay clubbing on Canal Street, watching Frightened Rabbit play over Stacey’s birthday and drinking G&T’s before heading out. Despite not being close for the first few years in St Andrews, I can unhesitantly say that now, KC is a wonderful friend of mine.

Similarly, B was a friend of a friend at St Andrews, and she and KC hit it off pretty much as soon as they met; and Stace and I are immeasurably fond of her also. It’s wonderful to see two of our friends happily shacked up together, especially as they’ve been doing the whole long-distance thing from Glasgow to Preston up ’til just last month!

KC, B and I; in our old flat on the Diana F+ Camera

As both B and KC’s parents live in Edinburgh, we’re lucky to see each other semi-regularly – but last weekend was our first ever trip through to visit them in Glasgow. As luck would have it, B started a new job on the day we arrived, so once she got home we ordered lots of pizza to share before heading out into Glasgow!

Let me start by saying that going out in Glasgow isn’t like going out in Edinburgh! It felt like Glasgow was so much bigger and busier than Edinburgh – although because B also had work on Sunday, we just stayed in one place all night. However, the music was cheesy, the drinks were cheap AND because we arrived just before it got busy, we didn’t even have to pay to get in! It really was a brilliant night out, and Stace and I got back to the house and fell asleep in our little nest of duvets right away!

Two girls in a gay club in Glasgow
Don’t we look sweet?!

On Sunday, whilst B was at work, Stace, KC and I headed out to the Glasgow Riverside Museum. It’s a museum of transport and travel, and includes loads of interactive exhibits, games and contemporary information as well as historical stuff. We spent a couple of hours there and could have easily spent a few more, but we decided to head into town to wander round the shops instead. Stacey bagged herself a lovely Ralph Lauren shirt for work (sexy-lawyer-chic, right there!) and I bought some new stuff for our kitchen, before we met up with B again and had McDonalds for tea! KC and B were super sweet and drove us back to Edinburgh (admittedly, they were travelling back themselves, but it was still nice to give us a lift!) and we had lots of chat, ranging from KC’s upcoming graduation and first job in a hospital, to B’s final year at art school.

Image of a bicycle and beach buggy at Glasgow Riverside Museum
The view from the second floor on the Riverside Museum, Glasgow

One of the exhibits at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow
I totally won ALL THE GAMES we played at the Riverside Museum!

One of the beautiful decorates skateboards at the Riverside Museum, Glasgow
One of the exhibits at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow

I had a wonderful weekend in Glasgow, and it was great to see KC and B. It’s so nice to know that (most of the time) we’re all in the same country and that we can head through to see them (or vice versa) whenever we want. They’re great friends of ours, and I’m so excited that soon KC will actually be a proper doctor in the hospital, and that B will be planning her final year photography exhibit. Hopefully we’ll get to hang out with them again soon!

Vegetables planted in a window box and crap TV
We also planted our seedlings into a window box and watched some crap TV – it was brilliant!


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    Awwww, this is cute! X

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      Haha you stalker Brogan! We miss you guys! Are you going to be back in Edinburgh at any point over the summer? You should come through for my birthday! Xx

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