Celebrating LOVE: My Cousin’s Italian Wedding

I’m really sorry it’s been quiet around here in recent weeks – June was super busy for both Stacey and I, what with my mentor at work leaving (scary), renewing the lease on our flat (comforting) and an impromptu trip to St Andrews (perfect). However, June was also a long awaited month for me – because it meant the wedding of my eldest cousin in Italy!

 I feel like I should start by saying that my cousins on my mother’s side are more like siblings to me. Nikita is only a year older than me, and Jami is about 18 months younger than me, and a year older than my little brother. The four of us spent many many childhood summers together – both sets of parents worked full-time, and we would be looked after by our (wonderful) grandparents during school holidays. As the only boy, my brother often felt a little ganged-up on, which was alleviated when Jordan, my littlest cousin, was born 12 years ago. I couldn’t love my cousins (or aunt) any more.

The wedding really was a dream, and I couldn’t be more proud of Nik for planning the whole thing – especially dealing with the Italian bureaucracy and vendors! She and Adam are a wonderful couple and I hope their big day was everything they hoped it would be.

As they married in Italy, they’ve planned a reception in the UK when they return from their honeymoon – and have requested they no-one uploads any pictures of the dress etc until after then… So until then, here’s some pictures of the wedding minus the beautiful bride! Pop back for more pictures in a week or so’s time- by which time Stace and I will have also been to London for London Pride!

A collage of photos from a wedding in Lake Como, Italy


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    I’m scottish now living in australia and the best word over here is jobby meaning a poop haha its a funny one

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