Nature Weekend: Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick

North Berwick sign at the train station

Last Saturday was lots of fun! Carley managed to get hold of some tickets to the Scottish Seabird Centre at North Berwick – all we had to go was go, and blog about it. So – here we are!

Now, I am a bit fan of birds (pun intended!) – I loved bird watching as a kid. It’s great that my parents live by a loch – there’s loads of bird-nature: herons, mallards, coots, swans, geese and loads of things! I also remember getting my Mum to pull over on the way to Aboyne from Forfar because there was a bird of prey flying about. Montrose Basin is great too – loads of other cool birds to look at and learn about. Long story short, I  am a big ornithology nerd.

I wasn’t able to go with Carley, because we’ve had a really busy month, and the only weekend we had free, I ended up having horrible problems with my allergies and going outside was really not an option. So I ended up going with another nature enthusiast, our good friend Katie (who was at this epic party!).

The Seabird Centre was really good – it definitely deserves its 5 star tourist rating. Obviously, I am biased because I love nature and learning anyway, but the centre is really interactive and loads of good fun. There are live cameras placed on various islands/rocks near the coast so you can see all of the birds nesting on the cliffs. There’s also a viewing deck with telescopes and binoculars so you can do you own zooming in on the birds.

There were gannets and kittiwakes and shags and all of the birds. We also saw lobsters, and some wee shrimp things. Katie and I also tried to win at the “Eco Balance” game, but we were kind of rubbish and ended up with a score of -99! Oops …

I would  really recommend this to anyone – it’s great for all ages, and there’s a cafe, and the gift shop is full of great Scottish products. North Berwick is really nice, too – between the Centre and the seafront, you could have a lovely afternoon there (Assuming you get the weather for it!)

Anyway, I took loads of pictures – here’s the best of them:

Lighthouse mural inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's work
It’s alleged that Robert Louis Stevenson based his Treasure Island on the Island of Fidra, an island just off the coast that is home to lots of seabirds.

The beach at North Berwick

Stuffed seabirds at the Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick

Stacey with gannet hand puppets at Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick
I couldn’t help myself – they looked too much fun!
A gannet skeleton on display at Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick
He sort of looks like a minion of Skeletor. Frightening!

The exterior of the Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick

Later. S x

As a disclaimer, there has been no incentive given to me to write a glowing post about the Centre – I just really like birds!


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