REVIEW: Lady Carol Must Die – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

If you’ve never been to Edinburgh Fringe, it’s hard to explain what it’s like, trying to pick the shows you’re going to buy tickets for. With 2,964 Fringe shows, plus the Book Festival, International Festival and BBC events going on, choosing what to go and see is difficult in itself! Sometimes, when perusing through the 300+ page Fringe Guide, Stacey and I would just see an image which called out to us, and we’d look to get tickets for that show. One of the shows we choose to go see on the basis of the picture was Lady Carol Must DieThe story of this performance is centred around the relationship between Lady Carol, the blonde haired siren who narrates the tale in her lilting Irish voice, and her father. The show and story starts by Lady Carol, who enters in a fairytale-like hooded cloak – telling the story of how she once tried to kill her father – attempting to poison him. This is only the start of a bizarre and beautiful show, where the story is only upstaged by Lady Carol’s huge voice.

The theme of parental conflict is not a new one (particularly for a Fringe show), but there’s a true sense of movement, of time-passing, of personal history in this show. Some may find the slideshows a little jarring (Lady Carol uses a clicker to start and stop them) and I admit, it was a little disturbing to see the baby photos of the singer during the songs – but overall, they added to the performance.

There’s a real variety of songs during this show – from the mournful Weeping Song to a big Elton John number, there’s a combination of tunes you’ll recognise along with others you’ll remember from once upon a dream. Lady Carol suits this venue, a theatre in the round type space, where the audience almost feels too close to her big big voice. I won’t ruin the final act of this performance, a strange and shocking move which casts doubt on everything you believed before – but let me just say it completely changed my viewpoint of Lady Carol.

If you’re looking for a different kind of cabaret, a personal history which might be true, or might not, then give Lady Carol Must Die a try. It’s a compelling show.

3.5 stars.


  • Now – 26th August 2012
  • The Assembly Rooms, George Street
  • 18:30 (1 hour)
  • 16+
  • Find tickets here – Lady Carol Must Die

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