REVIEW: The Boom Jennies: Mischief – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

A Summer Full Of Peaches Review Boom Jennies Mischief Edinburgh Fringe 2012

The Boom Jennies’ Mischief is the first show that we’ve had differing opinions on. I rather enjoyed the sketch comedy from the three piece, starring Catriona Knox, Lizzie Bates, and Anna Emerson. This character comedy show was funny and ridiculous, if a little rough around the edges.

It’s clear from the outset that these women have a great deal of personality, and chemistry between the three of them. Their enthusiasm spilled out into the audience, and I couldn’t help but find The Boom Jennies horribly likeable. In fact, this dynamic probably over-shadowed their content. I’m not saying in any way that they weren’t funny – quite the opposite – but there were occasions where the joke wasn’t quite “on the button”, however, I all but didn’t notice due to sheer amount of fun and silly in the sketches.

The Boom Jennies Mischief Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Talking of content, there are some great sketches in this show – notably, the after school run, and the passive-aggressive flat mates. With the latter, you think it’s something you can relate to – everyone has lived with someone unbearable at some point – but you find that the rug has been pulled from underneath your feet as the punch line is revealed.

Being slightly more objective, I think we probably saw this show too early in the month – transitions between sketches were a little hazy,  it wasn’t always clear where one set of characters changed into another, and occasionally the punch line didn’t quite have enough punch. However, from reading subsequent reviews, it seems that The Boom Jennies have polished their routine somewhat, leaving them with a show that is both funny and slick.

There’s definitely a good foundation here; these three will probably make the progression from radio to TV soon enough.

3.5 stars


  • Now – 26th August 2012
  • Pleasance Dome, Potterow, Bristo Square
  • 22:45 (1 hour)
  • 14+
  • Find tickets here – The Boom Jennies: Mischief

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PS: As a disclaimer, Carley and I had completely opposite opinions on this show, and just to be clear, this only reflects my views!


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