REVIEW: The Ruby Dolls in Rubies in the Attic – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

Perhaps my favourite show of the first week of the Festival, Rubies in the Attic is the wonderful story of the ancestry of the four Ruby Dolls – Susanna Fiore, Jenny Grove, Jessica Sedler and Tara Siddall – via theatre, song, dance and storytelling. For those with an interest in personal history, iconic songs with a contemporary edge, or even just red lipstick, Rubies in the Attic is a not-to-miss Fringe performance.

Situated in the exquisite attic venue of The Roxy, you’ll be enchanted and amazed by the show’s set. Before the show started, pretty bunting, vintage suitcases and floral aprons grabbed my attention, and as the show went on I was amazed to see that almost every prop had a role within the performance. However, once the show started, my attention was entirely fixed upon the dolls themselves – gloriously dressed in vintage outfits, with wonderfully retro hairstyles and an abundance of red lippy. Between their outfits and stunning singing voices, these girls made it easy to want to be a Rudy Doll myself!

The Ruby Dolls - stars of Rubies in the Attic - coming into Edinburgh Waverly

The crux of this performance is the theme of ancestry and personal history – where do we come from? Who do we come from? And these questions are asked pitch-perfectly in the form of song from across the world and across the decades. From the story of a line of Italian women who supported their men through thick and thin to the sweet-yet-funny story of Pat who meets a bald man at a bar, these are personal stories shared in a way which bring the audience touchingly close to these girls.

Supported by the brilliant ‘hipster on a piano’ Benjamin Cox (also the musical director), the Ruby Dolls take cabaret as you expect it and turn it on its head. With musical numbers which range from the South African folk through to the Hollywood classic, they perform a whistle-stop tour of place and time, and even managed to trigger a few tears by the end of the last scene from me! (The ending of Ruby Doll Jenny Grove’s story definitely tipped me over the edge.)

For those who want to see a touchingly sweet and feel-good show, I can wholeheartedly recommend The Ruby Dolls in Rubies in the Attic.  A brilliant performance.

5 stars.


  • 10th – 26th August 2012
  • Upstairs at the Assembly Roxy
  • 18:30 (1 hour)
  • 12+
  • Find tickets here – Rubies in the Attic 

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  2. I went to the show last night with my chums. The girls were brilliant! Thanks for sharing the review!

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