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One of my favourite things about blogging is that I’ve got to know, and in some cases even met, some fellow lesbian couples who blog. I’ve written before about how lucky Stacey and I are to have lots of other lesbian friends (like our friends in Glasgow, Katie, who went to the Scottish Seabird Centre with Stacey and various other people we met at uni), but blogging opens up a whole new world. Whether it’s being inspired by couples who have it far more difficult than we do or seeing glimpses of our future in the blogs of people older than us, I have enjoyed getting to know other people through their blogs so much. Because of this, I’ve decided to start a list of my favourite lesbian couple blogs and bloggers.

One of the first lesbian couple blogs I found was Sprezzatura, the blog of Laura and Sarah; a transatlantic couple who live together in London. I adore these girls, because they’ve managed to enjoy some wonderful times together (just watch this video of them on a bungee swing in Australia!) but Sarah’s experience of struggles with her family is a reminder that it’s not always easy. On top of that, they love travel and blog about their experiences of living in my home-town, London. It was Laura and Sarah who managed to coordinate the impromptu blogger meet-up at World Pride earlier this year, and I really hope to catch up with them again soon.

Similarly, we both met the lovely Lauren and Sarah of 2Bridesto2Mummies at World Pride. I’ve so enjoyed reading their blog as they’ve been planning their wedding which is set for July next year. I think that my favourite thing about reading the updates from Lauren and Sarah is that I can totally see that Stacey and I will be in a similar situation in a few years time, and it’s nice to know that other people are managing to do all the things (buy a house, plan a wedding, have nice holidays and jobs they enjoy!) that we want to do in the future.

That leads into Laura and Laura who blog at Becoming Mums, and have recently become parents to the most adorable pair of twins I think I have ever seen! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m consistently broody and thinking about the cost / difficulty of having kids as a lesbian couple is something which worries me… Having read the story of their pregnancy on When Sally Met Sally, I now find myself coo-ing over the instagram pictures of their babies far too often! It’s this blog which most comforts me when I’m thinking about the future, because whilst it’s obvious that looking after two babies is incredibly hard work, it is wonderful to see another couple who have the things I’m desperate for in the future.

Across the pond, it’s also amazing to see the planning which has gone into the nuptials of Stephanie and Corrine, the two girls who blog at Waking Up With HerNot only is it wonderful to see the process of wedding planning for a same sex ceremony, I find that reading about their lives in the US gives me an insight into what it’s like to be in a same-sex relationship in the states. They’re also incredibly vocal about their BiConfident campaign, which I really admire.

In a similar way, it’s been great reading Ruth’s blog, Fish Out Of Water, where she’s written about the difficulties in living in the Midwestern US and being in a same-sex relationship. The difficulties faced in some parts of the US, from unhappy families through to feeling unable to come out at work are mostly foreign to me, but the feeling of falling for someone you never expected to, and then just wanting everyone around to he happy for you – yeah, I think that’s a universal.

And finally, through my lunchtime Tumblr sessions (you can find my Tumblr here) I found the blog and YouTube channel of Kae and Lucy. Theirs is a bitter-sweet love-story of two girls who live thousands of miles apart, met online and fell head-over-heels in love. Not only are they adorable together, they also answer questions sent to them by LGBT people and long distance couples and have set up a friend/matchmaking service all via their Tumblr blog. I’d really recommend watching their coming out stories on Tumblr too.

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10,000 Same-Sex Couples e-magazine

These are the blogs which I read regularly and find myself feeling like I really know these people (which really is one of the most amazing things about blogging) – but I also read numerous other LGBT blogs – from couples who are trying for babies through to reviews of lesbian fiction and LGBT news sites. If there are any other blogs you think I should add to my list, just drop a comment here and I’ll take a look!


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  1. Aww Carley, this is so lovely!!! Absolutely loved meeting you both too, and can’t wait to see you again (sorry about the epic fail last week) and enjoy following your blog!! Looking at this list, we have got a great group of blogging girls!!

    Love, Laura & Sarah xo

    1. Carley says: Reply

      I’ve been meaning to start a list like this for a while because you’re right, we really do have a great little community / support group / group of friends and that’s pretty amazing! It’s also so good for people to see that actually, us girl-girl couples are not some super-scary devil worshippers but actually just the same as everyone else!

      Will drop you an email because I’m actually down south next week :)


  2. Cannot remember if we ever thanked you properly for including us in your favorites, So THANK YOU! We love following you ladies, as well as all these other blogs!

  3. Heyy :)

    I’m 18 and I’ve got a lesbian blog, as well, where I write about my personal coming out story and post pics of pretty women and so on… I’d be glad if you’d take a look at it and add it to your list :)

    Xxx Annabelle

    P. S. : You’re such a lovely couple!

  4. Thanks for the list I am always looking for fellow lesbian bloggers.

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