Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Tasting Adventure

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Adventures Goody Bag

Last week, I had the pleasure of a last minute invitation to the Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Adventure which was running at the Edinburgh Hotel Chocolat store – an evening of company, champagne and fine chocolate – who could refuse?!

Having been sent a text whilst I was still in the office, I managed to run along to the Hotel Chocolat store on Frederick Street, which was closed for the evening – unless you had a magical Chocolate Tasting Adventure invitation! There was a small group – around 14 people – invited in for a glass of bubbles and a browse about the store, before being whisked off on a tour of what chocolate is, how it’s made and how to best enjoy it!

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Adventures Goody Bag

Out tour  took us away from the dark and windy Edinburgh, and transported us to Ghana, where we tasted an 85% chocolate which I fell in love with, and to the Dominican Republic, where we tried a 100% Cocoa Bar (which can’t officially be called chocolate, as by law chocolate must contain at least 1% sugar) and to Saint Lucia, where we tried more 100% strength. We also tested out taste buds by performing a taste test, trying to work out the odd-chocolate-out in a lineup! 

Hotel Chocolat's Purist 80% Bar - from my Chocolate Tasting Adventure Goody Bag!

Some of the interesting notes from Hotel Chocolat's Chocolate Tasting Adventures

In terms of what I learnt about chocolate, the very knowledgeable guide from Hotel Chocolat surprised me; I actually found that my favourite chocolate of the night was actually a dark chocolate! (Although, that being said, the HC House Blend Milk Chocolate is definitely also going on my Christmas wishlist! ) We managed to try at least 10 different types of chocolate – including some wonderful truffles (and a whisky liquer which was the only chocolate which I just couldn’t stand!) and were even presented with a goody bag on our way out!

Some of the Chocolates we tried at the Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Adventure - with my notes!

If there’s a Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Adventure happening near you, I would wholeheartedly recommend it – and if you live close to London, definitely go and see the Hotel Chocolat Flagship Store in Covent Garden which also showcases the chocolate making process in-store, and where they make amazing savoury food with chocolate. Seriously – whether you love chocolate or not, this is an experience not to be missed – I loved it!


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