X Factor Lezcap Week 4 – “I will go down with this ship”

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Apologies, I couldn’t think of anything remotely witty for this week’s post title, so that’ll have to do. At least it fits in with my angsty feelings this week …

The Halloween week is usually pretty good – in recent years we’ve had some great, spooky arrangements (I loved Aiden Grimshaw’s “Thriller” from 2010), and some frighteningly bizarre performances – I’m thinking of Lloyd Daniels’ version of “I Kissed A Girl”. Horribly ironic for him to be singing about kissing girls, no? #massivehomo

So, there’s only one girl to write about this week. Obviously, we lost MK1 last week, but pretty much the first thing Dermot announced was that Lucy was ill and wouldn’t be performing. Naturally, I’m happy that she’s been given a by through to next week, but I was totally looking forward to whatever she was going to perform. Anyway, that just leaves the lovely Jade!


So, this is hard for me. I’ve just finished watching the results show, and !!SPOILERS!! Jade goes out, versus Union J in the sing-off. Last night, she did a version of Sugababes’ (line up #2) “Freak Like Me”. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate her outfit, yes?

Jade Ellis "Freak Like Me" X Factor UK Week 4 2012 Halloween

So, musically, this wasn’t great – it’s not the same Jade we saw in the auditions singing a superb version of Maverick Sabre’s “I Need”. It was kind of awkward, to be fair, but there’s a theme they have to adhere to, I suppose. I am totally of the opinion that she’d have done a superb version of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”, but James Arthur got that song this series. Gutted.

Lots of gay points, though – some for the weird bondage style dance routine the girls were doing during the song, and for the blatant lesbian tension between ‘Old Sugababes’ and ‘New Sugababe’ in the video for the original version.

I just had this sinking feeling it wasn’t going to be enough to put her through.

How good? 6 out of 10 – it was enjoyable, but not the best Jade can do.

How gay? A good 8 out 10, giving her a decent score to go out on, I guess.


The group song was David Guetta ft. Usher’s “Without You”. Really not fussed by this or the arrangement. For me, the only redeeming factors were Jade’s outfit (see below) and Nicole’s superb dancing in her seat.

Jade Ellis "Without You" X Factor UK Week 4 Results 2012

God, she’s both gorgeous and adorable. #ooft

As I’ve alluded to already, Jade was in the bottom two along with (the musically backward) Union J. This didn’t help alleviate my fears – I shouldn’t say this, but a clean cut boyband are waay easier to market than a soulful lesbian. Things were not looking good for Jade at this point.

However, she went out on a high note, cracking out a fantastic version of Dido’s “White Flag” and she brought the dungarees back! Yay. Seriously though – her save me song was technically so much better than the boys’ song. I think that’s what’s pissed me off most, to be honest.

Jade Ellis "White Flag" X Factor UK Week 4 Results 2012

This week sucked more than last week, to be quite honest. No Lucy, AND Jade got booted when she probably shouldn’t have, based on the sing-off, anyway. A poor 4 out of 10 for the whole weekend.

So, we’ve got only got one gay left. At this rate, I’m going to have nothing to write about! I am really sad about this exit – Jade’s been my favourite contestant for a long time. Let’s hope she gets some sort of record deal soon! Fangirls altogether now: “I will go down with this ship”!

PS. This week’s honourary mention goes to Lucy Spraggan being a shameless pervert. No explanation needed here:

Rylan Clark Birthday with Nicole Scherzinger and Lucy Spraggan

Later, guys. Keep strong- we’ve still got Lucy!


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  1. Carley says: Reply

    I would just like to state that I am also VERY UPSET about Jade leaving. I can totally see myself buying her album, and she’s very pretty. ALSO; the look on Lucy’s face in that gif has made my night. xx

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