It’s Latemas!

Christmas Tree black, silver and white, Christmas Day 2012

It’s now December 28th, and for most people, Christmas has become something of a hazy memory of good food, annoying relations and discarded presents – the thought of turkey and wrapping paper and decorations put away for another year. However, here in Essex we’re just preparing for Christmas II – or as we call it, Latemas – because in just a few hours, Stacey will arrive here for the next 6 days to celebrate New Year with my family and I. (I am VERY EXCITED about this!)

As I headed down south for a work meeting back on December 19th, Stacey and I have now been apart for nine days – which I’m pretty sure is the longest we’ve been apart this year, if not ever. And what with family gatherings and sleeping in spare beds and (in my case) lots of late nights and lay-ins, we haven’t had much opportunity to talk, either. Texts and Whats App have been our main form of communication this last week – but by this afternoon, we’ll be reunited on the platform at Kings Cross (yes, I’m going to meet her train!) before heading back to my mum’s house for presents, dinner and drinks with my side of the family.

Salon Elite Tangle Teaser Comb in neon pink
I was bought this brilliant detangle comb by my brother’s (hairdresser) girlfriend. It’s a lifesaver seeing as my hair tangles in my sleep!


Black Filofax Person box with silver writing
I’ve also been bought a brilliant personal size Filofax by my mum, who knows how much I love to plan and organise!

I have a huge amount of presents for Stacey – I’ve gone completely overboard because I got a raise from work in November (just in time for Christmas shopping!) and because I didn’t get Stacey a birthday present this year – she requested money which she could spend in London on her trip with her mum instead. I have NO idea what she’s got for me, but I’m really happy with what I’ve bought her, and I’m now just nervously awaiting when she opens them to see if she likes them all. (Sure we’ll do a post later about our gifts and Christmas experiences!)

Christmas cards and decorations including glass NOEL decorations
Some of my mum’s Christmas cards and decorations
Christmas Day dining table red and silver with crackers and glasswear
My mum’s dining table on Christmas day!

The next few days will probably be spent with friends and family – we have a trip to London planned to have dinner with some old uni friends and to go round the Natural History Museum, as well as a visit to the coast to see my grandparents and a day out at my favourite museum here in Essex – but I’m really most excited that tonight, Stace and I will be curled up in the same bed, and when I wake up tomorrow, she’ll be right next to me.

Right, I supposed I’d now better go and get dressed, and head into London to go collect my girl! I hope that everyone has enjoyed the festivities so far, and we both hope that 2013 is as good for you all as 2012 has been for us.

Merry Christmas (or Latemas!) and a Happy New Year!


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  1. Have a wonderful time…
    Looking forward to seeing the gifts you have got one another xxx

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