A 2013 Update

We’re now into 2013, Stacey and I have been back at work for two days and we’ve even managed to take our little Christmas tree down – so we now think that now is the perfect time to update this blog with our hopes, dreams and plans for the coming year.

We alluded to some big news in one of our recent posts, and this has pretty much influenced all of our other plans for the year… But after a long year of not being sure that we would be in the same city forever, it’s a complete weight off of our shoulders to say:

This year Stacey and I will be buying a house together, here in Edinburgh.

Carley & Stacey on the train to Glasgow 2012

We’ve been together for more than 3 years now, and we’ve lived together for 2 and a half years, so we’re definitely not worried about committing to buying a property together. The difficulty for us, however, is that in between paying the rent on our current flat, paying Stacey’s (very expensive) law school tuition fees, my student loans repayments and other general expenses that come from living alone in a city, saving for a deposit means a lot of sacrifices in our lifestyle.

Carley & Stacey in London late 2012
excited faces!

Whilst we can’t do anything about some of our outgoings, if we want to buy the house we’re dreaming of, we’re going to have to cut back hugely on our non-vital costs. That means that this year there will be no holidays to Barcelona or Paris, no last minute London trips and no expensive Valentines Day dinner at a fancy restaurant. So maybe this blog will become a bit dull – filled with our excitement at saving cash on birthday presents or how we’ve cut our grocery bill – but we think it’s going to be worth it, to finally have a house that we can call a home.

Carley & Stacey at the Eiffel Tower in November 2012
So no more romantic trips away :(

For those of you who have been following our blog for a while, you’ll notice that this also means that the threat of us no longer being in the same city is gone. It’s been a long year, but changes in my role at work, as well as a lot of communication between Stacey and I has really made me reassess what I want from my life and my relationship. I still miss my family a great deal, and my long term aim is still to be closer to London – but right now, Stacey needs to be in Scotland, and I will be with her as long as she needs to be here. It helps that I was home more regularly than ever before in 2012 (in part because work means I have a number of London based clients) and so spent a great deal of time with the family that I miss so much, but on top of that, Stacey and I are happier together than ever before and I couldn’t imagine not being with her. For all of these reasons, I’ve stopped worrying about moving down south, and now am ploughing my worries into finding the perfect first home for Stacey and I.

Stacey with our wonderful weekend breakfast!
We hope to find a flat as wonderful as our current one.

We also have some extra aims for the year! Stacey and I started running late last year, and we’ve really enjoyed using the couch to 5k app on our phones to get us to a stage where we actually enjoy going out for a run. We would both love to complete a competitive 5k this year, and depending on how that goes, maybe even a 10k too. Either way, we’d both like to carry on running and get some official times for our first 5k.

Stacey should also complete her second year of her LLB this summer. Unlike last year, she’ll have classwork and things to do in the summer, but by the end of it she will be halfway through the course! I am so proud of her, and am so committed to helping her through the next few years.

Stacey in Paris November 2012
So proud of this girl.

Stace and I are also hoping that some people will get the opportunity to come up to Edinburgh to visit us this year. Seeing as it’s doubtful that we will get far from Edinburgh this year, we hope to enjoy some holiday time showing friends around the city we live in. We’re lucky to have a spare room and a lovely flat, so we’re looking forward to spending time with some of our favourite people.

Finally, it’s only the beginning of January, and we already have two engagement cards to send and a wedding invitation to respond to, which makes me believe that 2013 is going to be the year of romance! Whilst I very much doubt that there will be a sparkly diamond on my finger by the end of this year, it does make me happy to see so many of the people I care for getting engaged and planning their weddings. I can’t wait!

Carley and Stacey together and in love
So excited for 2013!

So, 2013 looks set to be a big year – and I, for one, am very, very excited.


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  1. Ooh my gosh a house!!! That is so so so exciting!!! We are so happy you are no longer loving in limbo- can’t wait to see your new place!!


    1. Carley says: Reply

      Aww, thanks so much! It just seems like such a waste spending so much money on rent when we could be paying off a mortgage – but it’s scary too, because it means LOTS of saving! Please know that you’d always be welcome to come visit too – whether at the current place or the new one! xx

  2. Yay a house… That is fabulous news …. Soooooo exciting :) looking forward to hearing all about your house hunt and seeing pics of the house you buy :) xxx

    1. Carley says: Reply

      Oh, I cannot wait for the house-hunting bit, I feel like an amateur version of Kirsty from Location Location Location… So exciting! Unfortunately, lots of saving to do before then!

  3. Leah says: Reply

    YAY for a house! The saving will make it all worth it! We rent our house but absolutley understand the importance of saving. Can’t wait to read all about this great journey.

    1. Carley says: Reply

      It’s petrifying, but also so exciting! I can’t wait to start looking round different houses and sharing the highs and lows on the blog!

  4. I just found your blog.. I’m a lesbian living in NYC with a great girlfriend.. I love your blog.. thanks for your honesty!! check out my blog if you want. cheers ladies. You girls are beautiful together!!

    1. Carley says: Reply

      Hi Danielle – thanks so much for the blog love – I will definitely check yours out too! xx

  5. David says: Reply

    As a parent of two adult boys, both of whom lived in Edinburgh until very recently, one now in Leeds, I found your recent posts on this blog very moving. Your description of the impact of personal loss, the dilemma you faced about your location and your commitment to your partner was deeply felt and I empathised greatly with you. I understand only too well how distance from family can be hard to bear. We live in Northern Ireland and we have very loving, balanced relationships with our children. At times the distance from them feels unbearable. There is an ocean that divides us and travel is both expensive and can never be spontaneous. For that reason we see them maybe 5 times a year for short periods. We miss them such a lot but are happy for them that they have opportunities there that they would not have here. Edinburgh is only 150 miles from us. We often have coffee in a coastal car park close to our home. From there we can clearly see Islay and other parts of mainland Scotland to the east only 20 miles away. It feels so much further with our children on the mainland. You could take comfort that family in London are actually on the same land mass as yourselves. We would love that. It would make such a difference. One of our boys has just had a baby, our first grandchild. We will not be able to be around much as he grows up but we use face time and photos to feel close to him. You both come across as lovely, emotionally intelligent young women. Your parents should be proud of you and I am sure that they are just that. About the lack of desire to blog or read blogs, that is totally understandable given all the stresses that you have been feeling. Stresses will come and go throughout life and it is important to try to recognise how you are affected by them. That way you are better able to move on into the future without ongoing negative effects from unresolved emotional turmoil.
    Now that you have made the decision to stay in Edinburgh I hope that you will both be very happy there. It is a wonderful place that we love to visit. We always stay in Stockbridge when we visit and we would love to have a base there. Unlikely though, too expensive unless you live in a shoe box flat. I really wish you both well with your future. Take care.

    Best wishes


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