A Gay Girl’s Guide To Blogging: Installing WordPress.org to a CPanel

Carley's Gay Girl's Guide to Blogging - Installing WordPress.org to a CPanel

If you’ve been following my A Gay Girl’s Guide To Blogging series so far, you’ll have heard me wax lyrical on why self-Hosting your blog has a huge range of benefits and advice on how to choose a web hosting service and best practise when buying a domain. This post will give instructions on how to upload WordPress.org onto your brand new domain. I am a massive advocate of using WordPress.org for blogging – the themes are good, there’s a plugin for everything and it makes it easy to back-up all your data – and once you’ve paid for your domain and web hosting, it’s completely free. The following instructions are specifically targeted towards my own web hosting service – TSO Host – but they should also be helpful for anyone else trying to install WordPress.org onto a CPanel.

Installing WordPress.org onto your domain

Carley's Gay Girl's Guide to Blogging - Installing WordPress.org to a CPanel1. Log into your Hosting
Log into your area of your Web Hosting provider’s site – you can access this on TSOHost here.

2. Log into your CPanel
Next, log into your Control Panel (CPanel). This is the server-side back end of your new site, and shows all the information about how much space your site is taking up on the server, along with other information.  There are a number of different ways to find the log in button for your CPanel, but on TSOHost you can find the link to your unique CPanel log in on this page. Click the teal coloured ‘Login To Control Panel’ button and then put in your username and password.

3. Install WordPress to your new domain
Congratulations! You’re now in the scary server-side backend of your website! This area may look scary, but it really just shows you all the information about your site (I’ll probably organise another post explaining all about the different areas of the CPanel at a later date) and most of it you won’t need to worry about.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the CPanel page, you’ll see a section named Softaculous Apps Installer. The script you’re looking for is called WordPress – just click on the WordPress symbol. Once you’ve reached the WordPress script page, click the blue Install button along the top toolbar.

You can now insert all the necessary information into the WordPress script form. Change the Blog Name and Blog Description, and take note of the username and password as this will be the admin account for your blog. (It’s usually recommended to leave this password as random as possible for security purposes.) Finally, press the ‘Install’ button at the bottom of the page.

4. Log into WordPress on your new domain
You’ve now installed WordPress.org onto your domain! If you go to your domain now, you’ll just see a holding page – but the next step is to go to this URL to log in to your new blog: ‘http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/wp-admin’ and log in via the details you wrote down from your CPanel as noted above. You are now in your WordPress.org back end!

This post gives you all the steps to Install WordPress.org onto your server – which means that once you’ve completed these four steps, your new blog officially exists! The next step in your journey to a self-hosted blog depends on whether you’re a brand new blogger, or you already have a site that you want to transfer to a new home. Because of this, the next two guides in this series will be ‘How to Move a WordPress.com Blog to Your New Domain’ and ‘How to Move a Blogger Blog to Your New Domain’!


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