Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland

This is a very belated post from mid-December (whoops!) which somehow failed to be published because my laptop has finally died a death. Apologies for it being so late – but if you do get a chance to go see the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland in 2013, we definitely recommend it!

My wonderful and talented girlfriend has been revising hard for her exams this week – her final exam is on Wednesday and then she’ll be done with law school until the middle of January. She’s done amazingly well this trimester – she passed all of her coursework and her class tests with ease, and even got the top grade in the class for her Human Rights case-note – which is particularly impressive, as she’s talked about going into Human Rights Law after graduation. One of the benefits to Stacey having exams in December is that she’s been off work, revising – which meant that we got to head to Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland one afternoon last week!

The Dome (bar and restaurant) with Christmas decorations and lights, George Street, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an impressive city year-round, but there really is something incredibly special about Edinburgh’s Christmas celebrations. As you walk down Princes Street with Edinburgh Castle lit up behind you, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the beautiful Christmas lights, the German Market and the tall Ferris Wheel which spins to give brilliant views across the city. More than once this month I’ve woken up to a light dusting of snow across the grass outside our flat, and it was pretty cold last week when we headed down to the Edinburgh Christmas Fair.

The Edinburgh Winter Wonderland / Christmas Market and ice rink

I’d been at work during the day last Tuesday, and Stacey came to meet me after the end of a day in the law library preparing for her exam. We decided to wander around the Fair because we didn’t know if we’d have another chance – plus, it’s just around the corner from my office!

Edinburgh Mead (mulled wine stall) at the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland

We arrived at the Markets at decided to grab something to eat, as we’d both skipped lunch – there were so many tasty looking things there! We debated getting a German sausage roll to share, or some churros – but we eventually decided on grabbing a fresh pretzel. We had a quick look at some of the market stalls – there were Christmas decorations, sweets, kids toys and a range of other bits and pieces – but it was really busy, so we made our way through to get some mulled wine!

Stacey and I at the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland

On the other side of the Christmas market are a few rides – from the iconic ferris wheel to the carousel swings and even a little kids rollercoaster! Stacey and I grabbed some festive flavoured wine from Edinburgh Mead – which was really good – and took some time to watch the families skittering across the ice at the ice rink.

Stacey and I at the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland

Edinburgh Christmas ice rink / Winter Wonderland at night

We didn’t go on the ferris wheel (it’s fairly expensive, and it was bloody cold when we were there!) or the ice rink, but we’re hoping that we’ll get to have some skating fun when we’re down in London at the London Wonderland – but we still had a fantastic time, just wandering about, hearing about one another’s day. The Christmas Market and fair continue right through December – and there are even more amazing things which go on during New Year’s Eve / Hogmanay. If you do get the opportunity to come to Edinburgh during the festive season, I would recommend you do come to visit – and definitely head to the Winter Wonderland too!


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  1. Hey! I love this post, it’s full of lovely memories! I bought my gf up to Edinburgh as a surprise for her birthday/our anniversary/Christmas (which all fall within just over a week of one another)- I picked Edinburgh because she’s so in love with Christmas and I knew it wouldn’t disappoint! We loved the inside of that bar in the first picture (The Dome?) It was such a gorgeous weekend! I had bought tickets in advance for the skating – but we didn’t use them, the queues were ridiculous, not worth the wait in the cold.

    You guys should try the Manchester Christmas markets one year, they are lovely :)

    1. Carley says: Reply

      Thanks so much for your comment Melanie! I’m glad you had such a fab time for your anniversary / birthday / Christmas celebrations – Edinburgh is a great place to visit – especially in the festive season. We actually went to Paris in November and saw the Christmas markets there last year – maybe Manchester will be a Christmas destination for 2013!

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