Love Story: Part 3

This is the third instalment in the story of how Stacey and I first met, fell in love and came to be in the relationship that we are in today. The first and second parts of this tale can be found here – Love Story: Part 1 and here – Love Story: Part 2. Alternatively, find all of our Love Story posts here

Before anything had even happened between Stacey and I, we were raising eyebrows. I think that people could sense the tension in us when we were together, even when we were trying really hard to ‘just be friends’. We hung out in the union a lot, we text each other constantly, and were constantly checking what the other was doing. There was never anything specific, never anything could ever have actively said, but I think it was fairly obvious that we just couldn’t keep away from one another.

Carley in Manchester just weeks before first meeting Stacey

I know for certain the first time Stacey and I actually talked about what was going on between us – it was a Thursday, and I’d been working at the Dirty Disco night at the Aquarium. I finished work at around 2am, and Stacey came and met me once my shift had finished, on the pretence that she’d been in town to get cigarette filters anyway. By this point, we’d already been sending each other Facebook messages and writing semi-coded notes about how we felt about one another, but this night had a sense of finality to it, a feeling of fatedness. (Maybe, looking back through rose-tinted glasses, this is just me being an incurable romantic.) We headed to the 24 hour computer lab – a safe place, particularly at that time of night – where we sat on the floor in a empty room and talked. We didn’t once mention exactly what was going on – we talked around our feelings rather than about them.

The view from the St Andrews Aquarium, where Carley worked
The view from the St Andrews Aquarium, where Carley worked

Looking back, despite the fact that we were there for over two hours, I cannot remember exactly what we talked about. I remember that whenever Stacey spoke I felt like  knew what she was going to say; she felt like a kindred spirit from that night. We swapped backstories where we could, we shared musical tastes and a love of writing and somehow it felt like the rest of the world had disappeared and it was just us. We both talked in smaller and smaller circles around what we really meant, never saying ‘I like you’; but both of us, saying it in the way that we leant on one another as we talked, the brushing of hands, the way she lit my cigarettes.

Stacey dressed up as a fairy at Halloween

Eventually, tired and yet on a high, we decided to leave the computer lab and walking down the silent streets, I wasn’t surprised when Stacey grabbed my hand. For the first time since I’d met her, she was a little shy, a little unsure about what she should do. When we got to Market Street, I saw the fountain there and a gem of an idea came to me. We crossed the road whilst I deliberated, before I made my mind up, feeling oh-so-much like this was a now-or-never moment, one of those times you suddenly see the path that your life might take stretching out in front of you, the mythical moment before you fall off of a cliff. Still holding hands, and by now on the other side of the road, I asked her to ‘just trust me?’ and pulled her over to the front of the fountain, in the middle of the street, in the middle of the night in my favourite place in the world –

and then I kissed her.


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  1. Awwww so so lovely xxx

    1. Carley says: Reply

      Reading back over this totally made me remember how it felt to be walking home at about 4am with this girl who I just knew was special… Can’t believe this was over 3 years ago now! x

      1. Awww bless….
        Time does fly though doesn’t it ? Xxx

  2. Ruth says: Reply

    So beautifully written Carley, for such a perfect moment. ❤ Love it!

    1. Carley says: Reply

      Thanks so much Ruth, writing the story out definitely makes the feelings all come rushing back! x

  3. Awww what a lovely moment. Really well written too :) Gave me goosebumps.

    1. Carley says: Reply

      Thanks for the comment Kirsty :) Stace and I have both said we couldn’t imagine a more perfect first kiss, it really was magical. x

  4. jessica young says: Reply

    Hey cool comments loving you all hmmhmhmmmmmuuuuaaa

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