Most Romantic Lesbian Wedding Proposals

The Top Ten Lesbian Proposal / Engagement Stories

The Top Ten Romantic Lesbian Wedding Proposals, from A Summer Full Of Peaches2013 is definitely the year of romance. Last weekend, Stacey and I went to the wedding of one of my work colleagues, later this year we have another wedding and I have been overjoyed by a couple of very happy and very exciting proposals from friends and family this year. The romance has really got to me, and so I’ve been reading all of the lesbian wedding blogs and ohh and aww-ing over dresses and love stories and most of all, the engagement stories. I’ve been so enamoured by all of the love stories I’ve been reading that I decided to compile a list of some of my favourite lesbian proposal stories!

1. If you’ve seen the Bruno Mars Lip-Dub Choreographed Car Dance video, (which is absolutely amazing, by the way!) then you’ll recognise the dance moves and cheesy-yet-endearing gratitude video of  Arian being proposed to via a community lipdub. Definitely watch with tissues because this is seriously adorable.

2. This adorable Canadian couple got engaged at half time at an ice hockey game when Christina (an Ottawa Senators fan) proposed to Alica (a Toronto Maple Leafs fan) on the ice. It’s nice to see that even when you support rival sports teams, love can still conquer all!

3. My favourite musical lesbian proposal, this video shows Nicole surprised when the engagement song she’d spent weeks preparing for with her a cappella group turned out to be organised for her! This made me tear up, especially when she realises that she’s surrounded by her friends and family!

4. This stop-motion proposal video is not only hilarious (I totally wish I could get ready for the day with just a click of my fingers!) but also sweet and touching and shows that a proposal doesn’t need to be huge and showy to make a big impression. It also has a fantastic soundtrack and cats!

5. This video (romantically titled ‘Forever and a Day) tells the story of Christina and Steph, who got engaged at a stunning beach at sunrise – a seriously beautiful setting and some seriously beautiful photos.

6. The final video entry is actually two videos, showing the proposal story of Julie and Tiffany, who got engaged at Julie’s place of work  – an Apple store. Firstly, watch the top video to see the video that Julie created for Tiffany – and then watch the second video for the actual proposal – complete with a never-ending round of applause!

 Laura & Laura's engagement rings!

7. As a food lover, I cannot help but be absolutely jealous of the proposal story of Laura & Laura who got engaged at Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant The Fat Duck in the little village of Bray. It’s an ADORABLE story (read the whole tale over at their blog Becoming Mums) and even better, they’re now CP-ed and have super-cute twins, Claudia and Imogen.

Steph's Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Corrine's Violet Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

8. Another much-admired blogging couple, Steph and Corrine each proposed to each other in their own way – with Corrine proposing with a song at the penguin exhibit at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, and Steph proposing through the whispering wall at New York’s Grand Central Station. These girls also got married last year and their wedding posts made me feel like I actually attended their big day!

Brighton Pier - Lauren and Sarah's engagement

9. One of the most romantic proposal stories I’ve read, the story of Lauren and Sarah’s proposal includes Brighton, rose petals, a massive bubble-bath and a supermoon! You can read their story in their own words over at their blog.

Sarah's Proposal to Laura - she said yes!

10. Finally, I was SO pleased to read the proposal stories of Laura and Sarah of Sprezzatura when they announced they’d got engaged over the Christmas holidays last year! Not only did they each propose to each other, their proposal stories are filled with so much love and are just so touching that even rereading them makes me tear up. You can read about Sarah proposing to Laura here, and Laura’s winter wonderland proposal here.

Will You Marry Me in lesbian rainbow umbrella proposal in Central Park New York

11. A bonus lesbian proposal story: you might have seen the pictures of this proposal floating about the internet… They show the engagement of a lesbian couple who took a rowing boat out on the lake in Central Park, New York – where friends and family held out rainbow coloured umbrellas with the big question spelt out! See the whole photo-set from photographer Justin Rudy here.

These are just some of my favourite lesbian proposal ideas, stories and videos that I’ve found on my jaunts across the web – are there any amazing lesbian proposal stories I’ve missed?!


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  1. Oh wow we are so pleased we made the list :) We loved watching the videos, and rereading the proposals of our bloggy friends – thanks for posting this! We are excited to read your engagement story in the not-so-distant future!!

    1. Carley says: Reply

      I genuinely adored reading about your proposals – I couldn’t be more pleased for the two of you! I’m glad you enjoyed this post too :) As for our own engagement, Stace and I have talked about it, so you’ll just have to wait for the announcement!

  2. Emma says: Reply

    Awwww….now I’m all melty!!

    1. Carley says: Reply

      Watching engagement videos (gay / straight / whatever) is my go-to way to cheer myself up after a bad day… I love the guy who set up a version of The Amazing Race for his girlfriend and proposed at the end! Cx

  3. Love these stories and how you compiled them all together for a post. Each engagement story is so inspiring and beautiful, made us tear a bit! Thank you for including us as well! xo

  4. PS… We hope to read all about your future engagement/wedding stories! =)

    1. Carley says: Reply

      You guys are so cute! Thank you for such lovely comments :D Cx

  5. Awwwwwwwwwhhhhhhh!
    Love the stop motion one!

    “Say yes!”
    “You know you want to?”

    Who could say no when even the cats are for it?? :D

  6. Don’t mind me while I just bawl over all of these. I’m not sobbing into a tissue right now or anything.

  7. anxiousbee says: Reply

    i am in the process of planning the most beautiful proposal – dont have it bogged down yet but i will get there – the one thing i cant decide on or have no clue there of …… should i get two rings? i dont want y partner to feel bad if she cant afford my ring immediately. she can always design the wedding bands when he time comes?? please help????

  8. Shristy says: Reply

    I love all these beautiful stories!! Everyone has their own special creative way of doing this. I wanted to share ours as well.

    I did a surprise proposal for my girlfriend in Puerto Vallarta. I had excellent, wonderful people that helped me throughout all of this. I wanted something that simply described us and the love we shared. Nothing was as beautiful as picking a romantic dinner on a beach.

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