Fitness Fanatic Fridays: Motivation and Encouragement

A Summer Full Of Peaches: Blogger Link Up Fitness Fanatic Fridays

Something which I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet is that Stacey and I have booked a summer holiday! We’re very excited to be headed off to Lanzarote in June – just under two months from now! Stace and I have never been on a beach holiday together – the closest we got was a day we spent at the beach in Barcelona last year – so we cannot wait for a week of sun, swimming, free cocktails and sleeping in. 

A Summer Full Of Peaches: Blogger Link Up Fitness Fanatic Fridays

However, the one thing I am not looking forward to is spending a week in a bikini. I was never particularly self conscious about my body in a bikini until I went to Greece with my best friend a few years ago, and the photos show rolls across my stomach and incredibly poor posture. It’s this which has recently prompted me to start the Jillian Michaels Six Pack in Six Weeks program. Now, I love Jillian Michaels – she’s one of the personal trainers on Biggest Loser USA (a Sunday afternoon guilty pleasure of both Stace and I) and the fact that she’s in a relationship with another woman (and they have two kids!) makes me respect her even more; but wow, her workouts are hard.

So after just over a week of attempting to finish the level one version of her abs workout, I took to Twitter to vent my frustrations at how hard it was to keep up with Jillian. It was here that I found that I wasn’t the only one to be struggling to get in shape and stick with an exercise regime. After some chat with Angeline of Daft Mumma and K of MyTwoMums we all realised that it’d be far easier to keep motivated if we were all supporting one another – so the Fitness Fanatic Fridays Link Up was born!

Carley at the side of the pool in Greece
This picture is definitely my motivation; hot pink skirt – check, too tight bikini bra – check, slouching – check.

We’re going to write some posts about fitness tips, tricks and things to try – from the best apps to use to where to find the Jillian Michaels videos online – as well as encouraging and motivating each other. I’m going to post pictures after my workouts – hoping to see a difference – and maybe measurements too. I’m also going to review some of my favourite fitness products – from the toning protein powder I’m starting to use today (eek!) through to my favourite sports bra and workout shoes. I hope that you’ll find the posts helpful and would love encouragement and will try to encourage anyone else who joins the link-up!

Carley at a picnic in a blue bikini
Another one of my motivational pictures!

Carley in Greece

I think it’s really important for me to state that for me, this is not a weight loss exercise. I know that I’m a healthy weight for me (I’m 5ft 3″ and weigh approx 51kg) and I’d actually quite like to build some muscle and put on a little weight! So, for me, this is going to be able getting fitter and getting toned before my holiday. However, I’m definitely going to use this time to be very honest about my progress – I don’t want this to be an ego-stroking exercise! If I have a bad day and eat a bowl of ice cream or a few glasses of wine after work, I’m not going to beat myself up – and I’m going to be honest about it here too!

A Summer Full Of Peaches Blogger Link Up Fitness Fanatic Fridays

If you’d like to place the Fitness Fanatic Fridays button on your blog, simply copy the text below and paste it onto your site. You can put it into posts or add it to your sidebar :)

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Just as an introduction, if you fancy trying out the Jillian Michaels Six Pack in Six Weeks workout which has been driving me mad, you can watch it below!

So, if you want to join on this link-up, free free to add this badge to your blog, join the link-up below and we’ll be adding new Fitness Fanatic Friday posts each Friday!


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