Naomily in 2013: Everything You Need To Know

Naomily at the airport Skins Season 7 Skins Fire

Last year, I wrote about my happiness and excitement about the return of Skins for it’s seventh (and final!) series, but particularly, the return of Naomi Campbell and Emily Fitch; the two characters who make up lesbian couple otherwise known as Naomily. The months have ticked past, and it’s now exactly one week until Skins Season 7 premiers – starting with Skins Fire – the episodes which revolve around Effy, but also star Naomily. This blog post will outline everything that we know so far about my favorite TV lesbian couple! 

Skins Season 7

The final season of Skins is designed to show some of the favorite characters of the three generations as they’ve grown up and matured. Because of this, the season is structured completely differently to the previous  six seasons; season 7 is comprised of three episodes, with each episode split into two, one hour parts. Each episode is focused around one character – the first episode focuses around Effy and is called Fire, the second is Pure and deals with Cassie’s storyline, and the final installment is titled Rise and is based around Cook.

Each two-part episode will premier on Monday night’s on Channel 4 at 10pm. Skins Fire episodes will first air on July 1st 2013 and July 8th 2013, Skins Pure will premier July 15th and July 22nd 2013, and Skins Rise will first be seen on July 29th and August 5th 2013. The episodes will also be shown on 4+1 and 4OD one hour after the episodes are broadcast. 

Skins Fire – What Do We Know?


Effy Stonem in Skins Season 7 Skins Fire Banner Image

Skins Fire tells Effy’s story, three years since we last saw her. The episode except says:

Effy has a dead end job with a leading hedge fund, where she stumbles across some crucial information and has an affair with her wealthy boss.

So, not much, really! From interviews and the trailer, we know that Effy is working in a junior role at an investment bank in London. She lives with Naomi, and things become interesting when she finds out about fraudulent activity happening within the organisation.  However, Kaya Scodelario (who plays Effy) has said that Effy’s story is about

friendship, love and redemption but ultimately it’s them finding [herself] in the world

We also know that Effy has an affair with her boss (played by Kayvan Novak) but her true love interest is someone completely different.

Watch the trailer for Skins Fire below!

But What About Naomily?!

To get to the important bit: Kat Prescott and Lily Loveless are reunited as oft-troubled couple Naomily. As mentioned above, Naomi is living with Effy, whilst Emily starts the episode over in New York, where’s doing some kind of photography internship. According to the episode information, it’s a tragedy which causes Emily to return – but whether the tragedy related to Effy or to Naomi, we don’t know. (Scenes shot in a hospital suggest that it’s not good news, however!)

Lily Loveless as Naomi and Kat Prescott as Emily in Skins Season 7 Skins FireLily Loveless as Naomi and Kat Prescott as Emily in Skins Season 7 Skins Fire

It’s been reliably stated that Naomi is somewhat lost in this episode – she’s apparently a stoner and (it’s been confirmed!) a stand-up comedian… Whilst most predictions also presume that Naomily are still together – at least at the beginning – which is supported from this quote from the episode:

Emily doesn’t like hot dykes, she likes useless stoners like you.

(Presumably said by Effy to Naomi?!)

Naomily Hugging at Airport (Naomi and Emily) Skins Fire Skisn Season 7

Watch the trailer above and you’ll see a hug between Naomi and Emily at what appears to be an airport at 45 seconds – but notice that it’s Naomi, not Emily with a passport in her hands. Episode spoilers have stated that a ‘shocking twist’ shown in the first half of Fire suggests that Naomi may have a far larger part to play in the second half of this story – I guess that we’ll have to wait and watch the episode when it airs next Monday!

Naomily Skins Season 7 Skins Fire Promo Shot

See the trailer for Skins Season 7 below.

A final quote from Kat Prescott on Naomily? Okay!

They have a really nice relationship now….and they’re still together. They seem really still in love.


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  1. I’m interested in what you made of this? My mrs hadn’t seen skins before so I made her sit through series 3 & 4 before watching Fire – we were both in pieces, as I always am whenever Naomily are on screen! I loved it … although I’m still not entirely sure about how I feel about their ending!!

    1. Carley says: Reply

      I’ve been delaying writing a follow-up post to this, as I’m still utterly devastated by the Skins Fire storyline. It just felt pretty mean and heartless, to be honest, especially after the heartwarming ending of S4! How did your Mrs enjoy ‘original’ Skins?! Cx

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