The Hardest Part Of Holiday Shopping? SWIMWEAR!

Carley in Bikini at Centre Parcs

As I mentioned in my last post, Stace and I have just got back from our first ever joint beach-pool-all-inclusive resort summer holiday. We got a reasonably good deal on a week in a lovely hotel in Lanzarote – but like lots of people this summer, we didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothes and stuff just for a week away… It seems silly to spend loads on money on clothes for a holiday when we’re still trying to save for a house deposit! However, one area where neither Stace nor I could get away with not buying some new stuff was (often a girl’s worst nightmare!) swimwear.

For this trip, we both knew we’d need three or four different swimwear outfits – seeing as we were away for a week and I particularly love a swim during the day. I’m generally content in a bikini; I wrote back here about hating the pictures of myself from my last ‘beach holiday’ but since then I have lost a little weight and feel slightly better in my own skin… Although I still struggle without a t-shirt or cover-up some days.

Stacey is much the same. Whilst she doesn’t mind bikini tops, she’s not a fan of tiny little bikini bottoms. When we’re shopping I find it hilarious when I hold up a bikini and I can just see her face saying ‘seriously that wouldn’t cover a Barbie’s bum’ – so she mostly looks for board shorts or sometimes mens swimming trunks. Quite often, I don’t blame her – some of the mens trunks are far quirkier – and cheaper! – than a bikini.

Carley’s Bikini Favourites

When it comes to my swimwear choices, you’re likely to find me eyeing up one of two types of bikini; either padded bras and boy shorts, or cool bandeau strapless styles. I love different bikinis – for this trip, I bought an awesome bikini with bows at the hips and in the centre of the top in navy and white, but I’m also a big fan of awesome high necked bikinis and I was close to buying a flamingo patterned swimsuit too.

I’ve found that looking for quirky swimwear can be hard – I started by looking around online, and I created a pinterest board for some of my favourites (you can find that Holiday Wardrobe board here!). ASOS is generally my starting point, but I also saw some great options on Littlewoods online and Debenhams this year. My top three swimsuits are below!

Stacey’s Swimwear Choices

Stacey is also a fan of unique and quirky swimwear – her favourite shorts over our week away were the cosmos / space shorts which are technically mens and she teamed with a plain black bikini top. She also loves the surfing board style shorts which are a bit longer – Roxy and the other American sportwear brands do some really nice ones.

With her Scottish skin, Stace also always looks out for cool t-shirts or beach cover-ups when it comes to shopping for holiday stuff. Whilst the women’s swimwear departments are often the first place I look for a sundress or a sarong, Stace much prefers a men’s thin t-shirt. This year she had a sky blue men’s shirt with clouds all across it, which was perfect because she can now wear it with shorts through the ‘British summer’ (if it ever actually starts!) too.


 I think that for non-lipstick lesbians (or even those who don’t always want to appear femme) finding swimwear can be quite hard. A beach / pool outfit is something which you almost always have to buy from a women’s department, whether you’re super femme, super butch or anywhere in between – and many high street stores don’t offer much more than string bottoms and triangle bikini tops. Both Stacey and I often struggle to find stuff we like when were out shopping, which is one of the reasons online shopping is a godsend some days. I took a lot of inspiration this year from The Lingerie Lesbian who wrote a brilliant post in April – and if anyone wants to buy me that tuxedo bikini or OYE chevron swimsuit for next year, I’d be eternally grateful!

 (The last post I wrote must have had some kind of positive impact, because in the last few days I’ve thought of  a whole host of things to write about! Sometimes just getting your thoughts down on a piece of paper / blank screen helps work out what was really wrong, you know?)


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  1. Amanda says: Reply

    Stacy knows where it is at…I live in board shorts all summer while at the pool or beach! Roxy does make some great ones, but my current favorites are made by the tried and true American go to store Old Navy ;)

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