Glasgow, Sunburn and Losing Shoes

It’s absolutely hammering it down today in Edinburgh – to the point where I actually wore my Hunter wellies to walk to work this morning! I don’t mind a summer storm, especially when it breaks the humidity of the last day or two, but it’s always so bizarre to see flash-flooding in the city just a couple of days after getting sunburnt in the park!

Last Saturday Stace and I both did a lot of the housework which always seems to accumulate over the course of the working week. I also managed to get out to the Edinburgh Farmer’s Market with an old friend (more about that in a few days!) but in the most part, we didn’t get to enjoy the lovely weather the city was experiencing. Add that to the fact that I was getting desperate to escape Edinburgh for a day, and all of a sudden we were packing a picnic to go through to Glasgow for the day on Sunday!

Home-made Tomato-Mozzarella-Pesto pizza
Home-made Tomato-Mozzarella-Pesto pizza for the picnic!

I’ve got to admit, I am not the biggest fan of Glasgow, and had hoped for a trip to the Scottish coast – North Berwick was where I had in mind… But when I found out that my old friend KC had the weekend off work (she’s a junior doctor and often works weekends / nights due to her rotations) and was happy to entertain us for the day, the decision was made!

Carley on the train to Glasgow with pink hair!
On the train – I’ve also just dyed the ends of my hair pink and blue again!

It turned out to be a good decision too – Sunday dawned muggy and overcast in Edinburgh, but by the time we’d reached Glasgow, the sky was clear and it was already heading up. We met KC and her (new) girlfriend at her flat, and set off for a near-by park, weighed down by frozen yogurt, a disposable bbq, Pimms and far too much food.

The kids park in Glasgow

Playing ball games in the park

BBQ view

The remnaints of our bbq picnic

Stacey and KC in the park in Glasgow

Carley in Glasgow

Aside from the Glaswegians drinking Buckfast in the park, I swear we could have been somewhere along the Mediterranean, it was so hot! We weren’t the only ones with a plan of food and games in the sunshine, and by mid-afternoon the park was packed with kids running around having water fights, adults sunbathing (some showing a worrying amount of bare skin!) and families just passing through. After a harrowing attempt at rounders (have I ever mentioned that I’m ridiculously bad at anything which necessitates hand-eye coordination?) we all flopped down to the grass with ice creams from the ice-cream van… Seriously, hearing the ice cream van’s call on a hot day really takes me back to being a kid again!

We stuck around until about 5pm, when the heat finally overcame us and we had to retreat back to the flat. Seeing some of the pictures from KC’s recent holiday and listening to some decidedly bizarre music (sorry!) meant the time very quickly passed and we were back on the train to Edinburgh in no time.

Carley and Stacey's Toms on Holiday Lanzarote June 2013
My beloved-and-now-lost blue Toms!

We finished off an awesome day with a very cheeky McDonalds, which was great, and the realisation that at some point over the previous week I’d lost my much-loved pair of Toms, which is not so great. I only bought the Toms recently – Stace and I both had a pair (not matching!) for our holiday, and I loved them because they’re super comfy and the company’s ethics makes me feel good too. I really have no idea what I’ve done with them, which is driving me mad. I’m thinking about buying a similar pair of plimsolls from New Look, as Toms themselves are pretty expensive – but I know that as soon as I buy something new, the old ones will turn up! (Please tell me it isn’t just me that this happens to?!)


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