Lesbians Love Lucy Spraggan

In the six weeks or so that Stace and I were on a blogging hiatus, we did a lot of things which I thought about blogging about but never quite got around to. One such event we attended was the Lucy Spraggan gig here in Edinburgh – a wonderful evening of shouting out the lyrics, orange and lemonade and what felt like every lesbian in the city

Lucy Spraggan Electric Circus Edinburgh June 2013

We first came across Lucy Spraggan during last year’s The X Factor. The whole show last year was pretty gay-friendly (the count of LGB contestants stands at 6 – Lucy, Jade and Charlie, who we wrote about in our X Factor Lezcaps, along with Christopher Maloney, Jaymi Hensley from Union J and Rylan) but I pegged Lucy Spraggan right from the first video I saw on YouTube. She was a hot, funny girl with an accent who sung about hangovers and doing stupid stuff – and she was gay. I thought she was a great ambassador for the lesbian community.

Then she got ill, and withdrew from The X Factor, and I got my Spraggers fix from her first album, Top Room At The Zoo.

Lucy Spraggan "Titanium" X Factor UK 2012 Week 3
I just love her.

So when I saw that she was going to tour the UK earlier this year, I got excited and booked tickets for the Edinburgh gig for Stace and I. The gig wasn’t until the beginning of June, so I kinda forgot about it for a while. It was only the day before the gig that  I realised that this was actually going to be the last night of the tour, and that she was also just about to release a new single!

The gig in itself was absolutely brilliant. Lucy’s songs are just so catchy, it’s impossible not to be stamping your feet and singing along. And there’s something hot about a girl in a beany hat with a guitar – and I’m definitely not the only one who thinks so! The entire venue was crammed with people, and I swear that the place was wall-to-wall lesbians. I only saw four guys in the place – and one of those was the support act! It was a combination of hilarious and humbling, to see so many gay girls in one place, all for the same reason – to listen to the music of a very out, very proud musician.

Lucy Spraggan Electric Circus Edinburgh June 2013 carley stacey

And I really love that Lucy Spraggan is so out and proud. Other than the article her mother wrote for the Guardian a few years back about having a gay daughter, Lucy has spoken about her experiences as a lesbian, and her songs are all quite explicit in the use of her and she, in referring to a romance. It’s refreshing to hear songs on the radio, by a lesbian, singing about her relationship experiences without having to hide it.

Anyway – the gig was wonderful. Her new single (Lighthouse) was far better live than the exaggeratedly clean version of it that I’d seen on YouTube, and there was even a song that I hadn’t heard before – Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues – which I have since fallen in love with and you can hear below! I’m not going to lie – I have something of a girl-crush on Lucy Spraggan, and seeing her perform in the flesh was brilliant. I’d definitely recommend seeing her live – she’s so charismatic and friendly and funny – and funnily enough, she’s touring again in Autumn, so I might get to see her again myself!


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