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Chocolate-Hazelnut and Vanilla ice cream in Edinburgh

Last weekend, before Stacey and I went through to Glasgow to spend the day with KC, I caught up with another old friend (and ex-colleague!) Craig. He and I have known one another for years, since the madness of uni, and we’ve enjoyed working at the same place (twice!) and living in the same city for the past few years.

Much like me, Craig is a big foodie (he actually has a not bad food blog where he writes about saucepans and cooking with alcohol, which you should go check out) and we try and organise food-related catch-ups as often as possible. One of our favourite, easy plans is getting up early (ish) on a Saturday morning and heading over to the Edinburgh Farmer’s Market.

Edinburgh Farmers Market Castle Terrace in summer

I’ve written about how much I love the farmer’s market multiple times – both when I’ve been with Craig before, and when I got to take my mum and grandparents! This trip was even better than usual, because I had the opportunity to play around with my new (scarily-expensive) camera. Hooray for early-birthday presents!

Oink Hog Roast Pulled Pork Rolls at Edinburgh Farmer's Market
Oink Hog Roast Pulled Pork Rolls at Edinburgh Farmer’s Market

Craig and I met up at the market on Castle Terrace, and promptly grabbed ourselves two hog-roast rolls (with stuffing, crackling and apple sauce) from the wonderful guys at Oink. The food aided Craig’s hangover a little, allowing us to them get on with the good bit – shopping!

Scottish cheeses at Edinburgh Farmers Market

Tomato pick and mix at Edinburgh Farmers Market

Italian Ice Cream Sign at Edinburgh Farmers Market

Ice cream at the Edinburgh Farmer's Market, Castle Terrace

As always, I was entrance by the fresh summer fruits, and bought three punnets of berries and figs, as well as some organic eggs for a bit of baking. Craig grabbed some (local) goats cheese for his lunch, and then, as it was heating up nicely, we both bought a double scoop of ice-cream from the Chocolate people. (His, chocolate and strawberry sobet. Mine, choco-hazlenut and vanilla. Both = bliss.) We ended up sat in Princes Street Gardens talking about work, relocations, old friends and plans for the future. It was a perfect way to catch-up!

Chocolate-Hazelnut and Vanilla ice cream in Edinburgh

Carley in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

The fountain in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

On the way home, I wandered into a few stops looking for an anniversary gift for my mum and stepdad’s wedding anniversary which is in a few weeks time. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding and so always try and get them a card and/or gift (and also because it’s a nice thing to do etc etc). This is their third anniversary and traditionally that means a gift based around leather, but I struggled to find anything nice for both of them made from leather. Most suggestions were based around a wallet/purse or a journal, which wasn’t really what I was thinking. An alternative gift idea is chrystal, and I did see some lovely vases in John Lewis (they didn’t appreciate me trying to take pictures, sadly) so I might see if I can find a way to buy something online and have it wrapped and delivered for them – unless anyone has any other nice ideas for leather gifts?! In other, anniversary related news, I have also bought at gift for my cousin’s first wedding anniversary. Their anniversary was actually back in June but I wanted to give them their gift in person so I’ve waited until now to order it – so excited! I’ll blog pictures once it’s arrived!


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