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A while ago, Stacey and I wrote about how 2013 was going to be the year that we saved up all of our money and put it towards a house deposit. Well, a number of things – including a holiday to Lanzarote, a new camera, a birthday trip to Dublin (which I swear I will blog about soon!) and an invitation to spend this thanksgiving with some wonderful friends in the USA – have mostly put our saving plans on hold. But that has not stopped me from thinking and dreaming (and pinning!) about our dream house.

A few things have made me ache for that dream home more than ever recently. I totally fell in love with the decor and style of this house when it was featured on A Beautiful Mess. There’s something about the black walls and the quirky, colourful retro furnishings which appeals to me, and the fact that it’s a decades long project just warms my heart. Houses – and projects – like this really made me stop and wonder whether I do want a city centre flat after all – maybe an old, falling apart house in the suburbs would be a good investment? I am constantly torn.

And then the video above, from Ikea, has made me stop and think about what spaces are really important to me in a future house. Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that a good kitchen is probably first on my wishlist – I love to cook, and I need to be comfortable in a kitchen. I’d love a dishwasher, a gas stove, a wine cellar, a Smeg fridge, a waste grinder, a rotating cutting board sink… But I’m aware that I’m likely to have to just accept a fridge freezer and a basic oven and a sink. At least the kitchen in the Ikea video has the awesome breakfast bar and that drawer of spices – I think despite the fact that I don’t eat breakfast, I might have to start planning a breakfast bar into our dream home!

That video also reminded me how much I’ve always craved specific spaces in my home to do specific things. I guess it comes from my love of compartmentalising things, but ever since I was a kid I always wanted to renovate a house and add a light, airy attic room which could be used as a spare bedroom / art room. I’d love to have a space where I could set up a sewing machine and have baskets of fabric and ribbons but also a bench where I could frame photographs (something my granddad taught me to do as a kid) and take electronics apart and try to fix them. Having space for my hobbies is important to me (I’d secretly love a hidden library but I somehow doubt I’ll find a house with a secret room in / near Edinburgh) and in my dream house, there’s an attic or a shed which is just for fun stuff.

My final dream is for a master bedroom suite with a loft bed and a dressing room and an en-suite with a freestanding bath. Ever since we stayed at Prestonfield House for Valentines Day last year, the idea of having a huge bath with claw feet and stylish taps has really appealed to me. I didn’t think that Ikea would be able to help with my dream bathroom – but having had a browse of the website, I found this picture which is pretty much my wish-list all in one – a huge bath, monochrome colours AND hers-and-hers sinks! All I need to do now is find a bath… Oh, and a house, I guess!

Anyone else want to share what they their dream house would look like? Or alternatively, how you ‘knew’ that a house / flat was the right one for you when it came to buying a place?! Also, if you enjoyed the video from Ikea, you can also get more tips from the yummy-mummy home-owner (Mandy) on her official Twitter feed here!



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  1. Jools says: Reply

    I found my dream house and realised that its actually pretty similar to the house I grew up in as a kid. It’s my third owned house and about my fifteenth home. I’ve learnt a lot over the years, the living room is most important cos whatever you think you’ll actually spend most time there, and always always have two eye level full size ovens even if you have to sacrifice a cupboard

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