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An ending & a new beginning

They say that every end is also a beginning, that every cloud has a silver lining, that when every door closes another one opens. I am wholeheartedly subscribing to this belief right now.

This post is really hard to write. It’s why I’ve spent the last couple of weeks putting it off, but well – today I want to write about how Scotland has just passed the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotaland) bill, and I can’t do that until I’ve got this out of the way.

Stacey and I broke up in December.

I’m not going to write extensively about what happens. On top of it all being quite raw still, it wouldn’t be fair to dissect someone else’s heart on the internet. The short version is below.

Despite the fact that we loved each other, we just couldn’t make things work out. It still breaks my heart, and I know that Stacey feels the same way, but we are just not in the same places in our lives, and it placed a lot of strain on the both of us. One evening we had one of the toughest conversations I’ve ever had, and realised that it felt like we were moving in two different directions. I’d just started a new job in St Andrews, and Stacey was debating what to do about her law degree modules. We talked a lot, cried a lot, and eventually realised that sometimes no matter how much you want something to work, life gets in the way.

There is absolutely no animosity; Stacey is still my best friend and actually, we’re going down to London this weekend together to see Taylor Swift – but this really is the end of an era.

But it’s not the end of A Summer Full Of Peaches. I have Stacey’s blessing to continue writing this blog as I see fit; and between moving into a new flat, getting an awesome sewing machine for Christmas and the aforementioned TaySwift gig, I think I’ll have plenty to write about. So like I said – one door closes, another door opens.


(If you want to read a heartfelt, bittersweet response to today’s vote on marriage equality in Scotland, I would really recommend this blog post from Kelvin Holdsworth, Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow. It made me cry, in the best way possible.)



+Carley is a 25 year old who lives in St Andrews, works in digital communications, buys far too many (Kindle) books and spends most evenings cooking. She has a soft heart and a cutting tongue.

4 thoughts on “An ending & a new beginning

  1. So sorry to read this. I wish you both the best with the directions you are going. We have been mega busy and I have only just got round to reading my blog feeds. Hope all is well.

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