2014 in pictures

St Andrews, Wardening, mum and I, baby shower
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i – In January, I moved back to one of my favourite places in the world, St Andrews. In the word of His Royal Highness, Prince William,

Despite being one of Europe’s leading research institutions, the third oldest university in the English-speaking world and of course, far and away the best university in the world, St Andrews has that uncanny knack of feeling like home.

ii – And in February, I was selected to become an assistant warden at one of the University halls of residence, which means I have 250 flatmates over whom I sometimes have to assume responsibility. Hence the slightly uneasy smile.
iii – My mum and I had great fun taking selfies at…
iv – My cousin’s babyshower, which was a wonderful afternoon filled with family, food and lots of giggles.

bath, record player, garden parties, work,
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v – One of the benefits of living in a student hall is that my home includes a couple of tv rooms, a piano, two study rooms and more bathrooms than I can count. (Oh, and it’s catered, which is a real perk!)
vi – I took the plunge and bought a record player, and now I feel like a real hipster as I listen to Bastille, Haim, Broods and The National on vinyl.
vii – Another benefit of being part of the student community? Garden parties with free ice cream on sunny spring days.
viii – Outfit of the day posts have also become a thing if you follow me on Snapchat (viewfromthe34th).

haircut, empire biscuits, pinboards, grandparents,
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ix – I cannot recommend Sophie Butler hairdressers in St Andrews enough – I love my fringe and my highlights both.
x – Mid-afternoon snacks of empire biscuits from Fisher and Donaldson make work days go faster.
xi – My noticeboard in my room; filled with postcards, photos, thank you cards and badges. This makes me happy every time I glance up at it.
xii – A weekend at home meant time to spend with my wonderful grandparents.

beer, mum, brother, tea
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xiii – St Andrews Brewing Company makes my new favourite beer – Fife Gold.
xiv – My mum and I had a day in London when I went to St James’ Palace to collect my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.
xv – Which also meant I got to hang out with my ridiculous, favourite brother.
xvi – But there’s nothing like coming back to St Andrews, where I have switched Starbucks for the Rector’s Cafe.

I’ll be back with a more descriptive update soon!


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  1. Amanda says: Reply

    This entire post did nothing but make me miss the UK and being at university. Well done :)

    Mmmmmm, biscuits….

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