Gratitude, lately

If this year has taught me anything, it is that you should never be too busy to stop, take a breath and just appreciate all you have in your life. These are just a handful of the things I am grateful for right now.

AL october 2014
Baby cousins who can’t wait to get their first taste of coffee.
Train sunrises October 2014
Beautiful sunrises which make 7am train journeys slightly more bearable.
Winning at Othello
Games of Othello which make it easy to forget the outside world.
Cromarty Bewing Co beers
Amazing people who can recommend me beers which taste of summer and happiness.
mcintosh wardennial team october 2014
The most wonderful friends who just happen to also be colleagues.
Ali Smith's How to be both
New books from favourite authors.
Homes from human beings quote
Reminders from myself, to myself.
Kite at the beach autumn 2014
A friend who doesn’t laugh when I insist that the kite’s name is ‘horsey’.

I know it’s not quite thanksgiving yet, but anything you guys are particularly grateful for, this month?


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