1.1 Welcome to 2015

The first day of 2015 and the first (official) day of dressing from a 37 piece capsule wardrobe brought an afternoon of hangover recovery with some of my favourite people. Imagine, rehashing the gossip of the night before, copious amounts of restorative presecco and watching ridiculous videos on YouTube.

This outfit is a variation on what I imagine will very quickly become a casual favourite – leggings, slouchy t-shirt and my beloved red plaid shirt. This shirt is exactly what I want from winter clothes – soft, snugly and versatile – and brings a little colour to my generally moody-toned wardrobe. (Is it obvious that I’m in love with it yet?!)

Capsule wardrobe outfit 1.1 New year's day

When coming up with my first capsule wardrobe as a whole, I started looking at which stores / brands I usually turn to when it comes to my clothing needs. This was massively illuminating, because it showed me not only what places made the clothes that I really love, but also where I buy things from before discarding them. (For example; Topshop – you make hella rad clothes – far too cool for this girl, unfortunately.) This outfit is a perfect illustration of my choosing clothes I can live in, and only then realising that I look like an advocate for a specific store. What can I say? New Look seems to know me!

  • Plaid shirt – New Look
  • Slogan t-shirt – New Look
  • Patterned leggings – Matalan
  • Black booties – Fifth Avenue from Diechmann

Take a look at the rest of winter – spring capsule wardrobe choices!

(Note: this post was actually written in January – but I’ve had a nightmare trying to get my camera memory card to work in my laptop, and so the pictures have taken forever to get online! I will catch up soon, I promise!)


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  1. Amanda says: Reply

    That is super cute! Love comfy cozy and familiar clothes.

  2. Ellie says: Reply

    I’ve recently decided to start my own capsule wardrobe and have been surfing the web (and unfancy) for inspiration. I’m so glad I found your blog, it’s great to find someone my age/ lifestyle who is doing this as mostly the people I’m following are more in the ‘young mum’ category, or have a very professional style work environment. I love the pieces you have chosen for your winter wardrobe (and i’m also a big New Look addict too!)
    Good luck!

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